Best selfie sticks to buy in 2022 to get your pictures on point


Whether a thrill seeker on adventure-packed trips, going on a friend holiday or celebrating an occasion such as a birthday, hen party or wedding, a selfie stick has become an essential.

Packing into a compact size and compatible with most smartphones, they are easy to carry around with you when on the move and whip out when you’re ready for that killer shot.

What should you use a selfie stick for?

You’ll never have to rely on others to take pictures again once you’ve invested in a selfie stick. Simply extend out its arm and get snapping for selfies of yourself and larger groups. Ideal if you’re travelling around solo, when you want to capture snapshots in front of famous landmarks (no more awkwardly asking strangers) and great for big group shoots where every single person can be squeezed into the frame.

What features to look out for when choosing a selfie stick?

Design: Size and weight are both something to consider when searching for the best selfie stick. The combination of small and lightweight is preferable – the more compact the design, the more portable and convenient it is to carry around or take away with you. Most are extendable, so they may seem rather pokey and short, but do lengthen out to give a wider angle shot.

Construction: And when it comes to the material of the stick, look for strong and durable, for example aluminium and stainless steel as they will be longer-lasting and provide a sturdy, stable grip (which ultimately will produce better, more focused, and less wobbly photos). Just make sure the product isn’t too heavy.

Bluetooth control: Most selfie sticks operate using Bluetooth connectivity. Once your phone is clipped in, connect it to the stick via Bluetooth - and avoid having to take pictures with self-timer on your phone. Simply use the remote on the stick to control the shutter – it’s as hassle-free and simple as a the touch of a button.

Extra features: Some selfie sticks also double up as mini tripods, with a three-legged base to stand it on a desktop or table and take your selfies hand-free. Others can include features such as exterior lights to perfect your photography or wrist straps for carrying convenience.

Shop our edit of the best selfie sticks now…

Atumtek Extendable 3-in-1 Selfie Stick

Lightweight and compact to carry around, whip out this super nifty selfie stick for big group shots when you’re out and about. The retractable design extends from 7.7 to 31.3 inches, while the hard-wearing aluminium construction makes for a sturdy snap.

The comfortable handlebar will improve the overall experience and gives you the grip you need to prevent shaking. Easy to use and includes a detachable Bluetooth remote with self-timer and a range of up to 33ft.

Buy now £25.99, Amazon

Juice Social 4-in-1 Selfie Stick

Capture your moments you want to treasure with this slick extendable selfie stick, which triples up as a phone clamp, tripod and external light.

Hook up your phone and pull the stick out to 80cm for wide group shots, unfold for the sturdy tripod feature or use the snazzy selfie light to add some illumination. It also includes a removable wireless remote and a handy micro-USB charge cable to recharge the light.

Buy now £12.99, Argos

Gritin 3-in-1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Snap pics like a pro wherever you go with this mini-sized selfie stick that can be slipped into your pocket or hand luggage with ease. Deceivingly small, it can extend up to 27.5 inches and has an adjustable shooting angle, with a 270° rotation, allowing you to immortalise the very best moments.

Pair up with Bluetooth to use the detachable wireless remote or free up your hands with the anti-shake tripod feature. The stainless-steel design is foldable and lightweight yet super durable for a long-lasting lifespan.

Buy now £7.19, Amazon

PNY Wireless Selfie Stick

Designated photographer on your day out or trip away? Arm yourself with this easy-to-use selfie stick and don’t miss out on any of the group photos.

A compact and foldable design to carry around, all you need to do is attach your phone to the stick and you’ll be ready to get snapping. Lengthen out to almost one metre and use the integrated shutter button in the grip to control your photo-taking. A USB cable is included to charge the built-in battery.

Buy now £9.99, Currys

Devia Dev-Tripod Selfie Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Be a pro at taking selfies thanks to this super useful and robust selfie stick. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and click away on the remote shutter to capture the best scenes, whether on holiday with friends, travelling solo or celebrating a special occasion. The stick is made from aluminium so it’s sturdy and folds down to a convenient size.

Buy now £34.99, Currys

Ranpo Portable Selfie Stick

Power up this selfie stick using the USB charging cable included and you’ll be able to make the most of the light for perfectly illuminated shots.

Choose from one of the three modes then use the removable Bluetooth remote controller to capture the scene you want, either horizontal or vertical. This pretty pastel pink stick also doubles up as a tripod holder and its stainless-steel rod and ABS handle make it super light and easy to carry around, while providing a stabilised shot.

Buy now £8.15, OnBuy

CliqueFie MAX Selfie Stick

Love a good selfie? Invest in CliqueFie’s sleek and smart selfie stick and create shots to remember. Its space grey aluminium material is super durable and extends up to 73.41cm in length for expansive shots, whether big groups or wide scenery pictures. It comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote control which is simple to operate and has a built-in retractable tripod.

Buy now £62.95, Apple

Asnoty 3-in-1 Mini Selfie Stick

Keep a steady angle when taking a picture with this selfie stick where the high-quality ABS material stretches out to 70cm. Alternatively, you can stand it on its sturdy triangular base to use in tripod mode where there is also a Bluetooth remote control to capture shots hands-free. The phone holder rotates 270° so you can snap every viewpoint and your device can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

Buy now £8.49, Amazon

Hama Fun 70 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Clamp your phone into the cradle, connect via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go – simply press down the button on the stick and capture your special moments. A universal fit which is foldable for easy transportation, the selfie stick is a great travel buddy and even has a useful wrist strap for the ultimate carrying convenience.

Buy now £19.99, Currys

GoPro El Grande Selfie Stick

Document your active lifestyle with GoPro’s selfie stick, which is only compatible with a GoPro camera, not a smartphone. Attach to your device and take on the move with you – the 38cm pole extends to almost 100cm. Waterproof with a durable oversized grip to hold onto comfortably, never miss a moment of your adventures with this super slick selfie stick.

Buy now £54.99, GoPro