Best ski goggles for winter 21/22 to protect you from the elements

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Trying to find a pair of ski goggles is like buying shoes – you really need to try them on to get the full experience.

As everyone’s face shape is different, and without even taking into consideration whether you wear glasses, different brands – and even different styles from the same brand – can be a vastly differing experience in terms of fit.

However, if you’re short of time or don’t live near a shop that sells them, turn your attention to our list of the best ski goggles out there.

We provide extensive details on a range of brands to ensure you get something that works best for you, depending on your priorities.

So what are you waiting for? Get goggling!

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SunGod Vanguards

SunGod allows you to build your own pair of goggles based on your preferences. But before customising yourself the perfect set from their large range of frames, lenses and straps, you should get to grips with what makes the Vanguards so great.

To start with, the choice of eight 4KO lenses have been carefully engineered to enhance contrast and optimise clarity, whilst also offering triple-layer scratch and impact protection. But if you can’t decide between them, or want to make sure you’re covered for any weather condition, the magnetic interchange means lenses can easily be swapped out.

The frames are flexible to offer a superior fit and feature triple-layer and density foam for maximum comfort and protection. As an added bonus, they also have a lifetime guarantee so you can be sure you’re investing in something set to last.

In terms of vision, the Vanguards offer a wide panoramic scope of peripheral vision that is ahead of the game.

Buy now £110.00, SunGod

Roxy Storm ski goggles

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to Roxy’s Storm goggles, it’s hard not to. For starters, they are available in hot pink. Goggles can often be one of the blandest parts of skiwear but these are sure to be the focus of your outfit.

If pink isn’t really your style, do not fear, they are also available in a whole host of other colours including blue, olive, white and black.

With each pair comes great responsibility in the form of protecting your eyes, which brings us on to lenses. Each colourway has a different lens colour, all of which offer category three protection that is perfect for sunny days, as well as 100 per cent UV protection. They also contain anti-fog treatment.

The lightweight frame and double-density foam and polar fleece offer maximum comfort, and they are also designed to be able to fit over glasses.

Buy now £60.00, Roxy

Dare2B Verto ski goggles

Dare2B’s Verto goggles are part of the brand’s Jenson Button edit which offers a whole host of clothing for men (including skiwear, baselayers and accessories), all of which are top of the line in terms of quality.

These goggles, which are made to integrate with Dare2B helmets, are mid-sized and sit comfortably on the face. Included are two lenses (category two and three) for different light conditions that provide UVA and UVB protection. The lenses are magnetically interchangeable for ease and the dual lens has anti-fog coating to help with visibility.

The goggles also have air vents to offer maximum ventilation for when you’re really giving it your all out on the slopes. So what are you waiting for?

Buy now £101.45, Regatta

TOG24 St Moritz Cat 2 Lens

TOG24’s St Moritz goggles are just the ticket for those who struggle to find goggles that aren’t too big for their face. Available in red or black, they are some of the most lightweight goggles out there.

The category two double lenses, which provide maximum UV protection, are manufactured for low light conditions and have an anti-fog coating to provide the best visibility possible, even in bad weather.

These goggles, which are some of the most affordable on the market, are made for maximum comfort for small faces thanks to the triple-layer moisture-wicking fleece which ensures they are fixed securely, even over a helmet.

Buy now £40.00, TOG24

Panda Optics RS1 unisex goggles

When it comes to design, Panda ticks all the boxes, not in the least due to the adorable panda logo which sits at the top of the lenses.

New for last year, their Race Series 1 magnetic goggles (which were developed by four-time Olympic champion Chemmy Alcott and a team of alpine racers) combine all the best part of their previous goggles along with a cylindrical lens and a bumper to stop scratches.

They are available in a gorgeous cherry-red colour with detachable straps to fit over helmets, anti-fog technology and three-layer dual density foam with fleece finish.

The best feature of these goggles, however, is the eight-point magnetic lens change, which allows you to switch to the HD low light lens in a matter of seconds.

Buy now £103.00, Ecoski

Spektrum Ostra Bio Essential

Spektrum is a brand to watch for those concerned about their carbon footprint. Unlike many others out there, the frames of their goggles are made from bio-based plastic that comes from castor oil. The injected dye in the frame also massively reduces the amount of water wasted and potentially polluted as it can’t be scratched off – a major plus point.

The Carl Zeiss Vision lenses – one of the world’s leading lens manufacturers – offer superior quality, with category three light transmission and 100 per cent UV protection.

One of the best features of these goggles is that you can swap out the lenses easily and simply with the magnetic exchange and lock function, for fuss-free movement between weather conditions.

For those with a smaller face, the Sylarna offers a more snug fit but still with all of the benefits of the Ostra.

Buy now £150.95, Alpine Trek

Zeal Optics Lookout

For the first time, Zeal has united its patented rail lock system and observation deck technology to bring you its best visual experience yet in the form of the Optics.

Their rail lock system is undoubtedly one of the simplest lens-swapping technologies out there (you just slide the lens out and slide another one in, it really is that easy) and they offer lots of choice when it comes to lenses, including the option for polarised, molecular mirror and even prescription.

Along with essential 100 per cent UV protection, the goggles are made with anti-fog and have a permashield hardcoat so you can be sure they’ll carry you through any weather condition.

The real eye-opener though? The frame’s unique tilt expands your view vertically by 20 per cent, giving it that little bit more edge over other brands.

Buy now £145.00, MatchesFashion

Giro Facet

If you’re looking to stand out on the slopes, Giro is the place to go. The Facet combines fashion-forward design with top performance, which is showcased in a range of funky, punky colours – including bright pink with pink lenses – that is sure to be the envy of everyone on the slopes.

As far as sizing goes, they are a medium but are tailored to women so are not huge on your face, which is a plus point for those looking for a slightly smaller fit.

But it’s in the lenses where the Facet really gives you more. To start, they have an anti-fog coating. This is enhanced by the Evak vent technology, which releases moisture whilst protecting you from the elements. Then there’s the huge range available, which are suitable for different conditions (including night/race), meaning you’re covered no matter the weather.

Safe to say, these goggles are nothing short of visionary.

Buy now £135.00, Snow + Rock


In a market that is often hard to distinguish between thanks to the huge range of goggles out there, SunGod’s Vanguards stand out as a true gem. Not only can you match them to your exact preferences, they also offer a huge range of view and the quality that they provide is hard to match.

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