Best sleeping gadgets and trackers to help you get a great night’s rest

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It would be a gross understatement to say we are living in crazy times. With all the uncertainty that is going on in the world, it will come as no surprise to many that there has been a huge surge in insomnia and wild dreams since the beginning of the pandemic. Working from home has wreaked havoc on our internal body clocks that are struggling to differentiate night from day, and get into an effective sleep routine.

But the importance of dozing for both our mental and physical state cannot be stressed enough. When you drift off, it helps to restore and repair your body; preventing illness, boosting your immune system and filling you with energy - all things that are now more crucial than ever.

Even before Covid-19 took over our lives, it was reported that over 50 per cent of the world’s population were not getting enough sleep, according to specialist Daniel Gartenberg and smart lights label LIFX. We all live extremely busy lives where constant digital connectivity makes it hard to switch off. If when you close your eyes, your endless to-do list plays over and over and a vicious cycle of restlessness begins, it’s time to break away from these unhealthy patterns.

We spend on average 25 years of our lives sleeping. It is not a luxury but a necessity. Make sure you catch Z’s for deeper and longer with the help of these handy gadgets. From a complete black out eye mask, to innovative specialist sleep headphones, there is something to help every type of concern so you can get a sound night’s sleep.

On top of incorporating these gizmos into your life, it is also helpful to prime your body for sleep at least 30 minutes or an hour before going to bed by swapping out your usual phone scrolling for meditation, nature sounds or just dimming the lights to trick your body into producing melatonin. If you still can’t sleep, get up and do something relaxing to stop you from overthinking and adding more anxiety and stress to the situation.

Flare Audio Calmer Night ear plugs

Block out sound pollution that could be interfering with your sleep with the help of these effective silicone ear plugs. They are specifically designed to ensure that they won’t fall out throughout the night, staying snug and comfortable as you doze off. The non-electrical device prevents frequencies from entering your ears, no tech or battery power necessary.


£19.99 | Amazon


You may have noticed the Whoop strap on your Instagram feed as the fitness tracker has become a huge hit with athletes around the world. But it also can play a huge role in getting your sleeping pattern under control. Whoop is a subscription service that comes with the strap for free. It links up to an app on your phone and collects data like your heart rate to give you greater insight and understanding of how your body works. The strap itself is lightweight, waterproof and has a five-day battery life. It determines how much sleep you actually need to perform at your best and even has a Sleep Coach to guide you through.

€25 | Whoop

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light with Relax Breath

The Somneo sunrise alarm clock was designed to help you transition from sleep to day and vice versa more seamlessly and peacefully. It is featured with Relax Breath that guides you through the wind-down process, while stimulating a sunset to prepare your body for sleep. It is also fitted with a clock and can be personalised to choose the brightness levels for you.

£189.99 | Amazon

Fitbit Sense

While you may associate Fitbits with fitness tracking, they also can monitor your sleep. The smartwatch measures time awake, light, deep and REM cycles to give you an insight into your sleep levels. It also connects to the app, which gives detailed information and clear graphs. The activity tracker also records your steps, heart rate and activities as well as offers reminders, timers and an alarm.


£183.99 | Amazon

Withings - Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad

Withings is not like your traditional sleep tracker as you don’t actually wear it. It subtly sits under your mattress and monitors your sleep cycles and heart rate to tell you how deep and how long you dozed off for. The advanced device can even tell you if you snore (because let’s face it, we all would like to know) or are suffering from conditions like sleep apnoea. It connects to your phone and uses algorithms to analyse the data.

£99.95 | Amazon

DYSON Pure Cool Me Air Purifier

Give yourself the best possible sleep environment, especially as we head into the warmer summer months with Dyson’s innovative Air Purifier. It features a HEPA filter that works to trap nasty allergens. It also oscillates and can be adjusted to send cool air upwards or downwards depending on where you need it. The device comes with a remote control as well as a timer.

£249 | Currys

Manta Sleep Mask

If you are extremely sensitive to light, incorporating a sleep mask into your routine is an easy and cost-effective addition. The Manta mask acts like a black blind to remove sunlight from the equation without feeling uncomfortable around your eyes. This is through a breathable and machine-washable fabrication and an adjustable design.

£31 | Amazon

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Mela weighted blanket

Small weights are sewn into pockets throughout the fabrication to give you the feeling like you are being held or hugged, which has been known to reduce anxiety and promote a longer, deeper sleep. Mela has designed this variation from cotton with an even weight distribution that adjusts to your position even as you toss and turn throughout the night.


£97.50 | Mela

Nanu Sleep Hot Not Duvet

If you and your partner have spent more time arguing about the temperature of your duvet than you care to admit, Nanu is on hand to solve that dilemma. You can customise the tog where one side can be cooler or hotter than the other with a range of 4.5 to 15 so you can doze off at the perfect temperature every night.

£50 | Nanu Sleep


Kiss your insomnia goodbye with the help of Dodow, a sleep aid that encourages you to relax and calm before drifting off. When you tap the top of the small disk, it initiates a slow pulsing blue light which projects onto your ceiling and determines your breathing pace with either an eight or 20 minutes cycle and three brightness levels.

£49.90 | Amazon

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 Wake up to Daylight SAD Light

The Lumie clock works to replicate sunlight and trigger the release of Serotonin - the hormone that makes you happy. It is also an alarm clock that gradually brightens for 30 minutes before your wake up time as well as helping you wind down with a sunset fading light feature.

£99 | Amazon

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Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine with 25 Soothing Sounds

Block out exterior sounds that could interrupt your sleep pattern with the help of this sound machine that has 25 options to choose from. Nod off to relaxing birds, waves or lullabies played a various volumes and timers.


£25.99 | Amazon

Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist

Doze off with the help of a relaxation-inducing combination of essential oils and the aromas of neroli, lavender, geranium and chamomile. Spray this mist onto your pillow to help relieve stress and tensions from the day.

£24 | Aurelia Skincare

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this works Sleep Plus Dream Body

Reduce anxiety and improve your sleep quality with this pillow mist that contains a potent blend of lavender. The formula uses a microencapsulated technology that is motion-activated for the slow release of fragrance throughout the night and is ideal for those struggling to stay asleep.​

£28 | John Lewis

Kally Anti-Snore Deluxe Pillow

If you are being kept awake by an extreme snorer, this may be an easy solution that does not require surgery or uncomfortable nose plugs. It works through a missing centre that strategically positions the user’s head to open their airways and has been reported to reduce the frequency and volume of snoring by 50 per cent.

£29.99 | Kally Sleep

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