Best sofa bed deals: chair beds, two-seater, three-seater and corner sofa beds on sale

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A sofa bed is an undeniably useful thing to have, whether you rent or own your home. Perfect for watching telly or general weekend lounging, it will save your skin when unexpected visitors stay over.

You can get them in all sizes, from single seater/ single bed combos to large styles that can comfortably sleep two. Then there are day beds, which some may prefer as an alternative to a traditional bed frame, transforming from a couch-like perch into a bed when you want it. If you’re pressed for space or rent a flat without a common area, this can be a clever workable option.

As with most big ticket purchases, finding a great design that’s also on sale can put the cherry on top of your shopping experience.

To that end, we’ve collected the best sofa beds that are on sale right now and gathered them here to streamline your shopping experience.

See the best deals and discounts on sofa beds below.

Sofa bed sales by retailer

Single Seater Sofa Bed on Sale

If you’ve only got room for a small bed, a single seater settee-sofa combo is perfect. They often come with a cushion that you can use as a spare pillow too.


Two-Seater Sofa Bed on Sale

Make your furniture work harder for you. If you’re planning to buy or replace a sofa, getting one that can open up into a bed gives you more options for when people come to stay.

 (Ligne Roset)
(Ligne Roset)

Three- and Four-Seater Sofa Bed on Sale

A standard couch that can fit all the family - and that can open out into an extra large bed. What’s not to love?


Corner Sofa Bed on Sale

Maximise every inch of space with a corner sofa that can transform into a bed. You can get right hand and left hand corner versions to find one that suits the room in mind.


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