Best teething products

Martha Alexander

Unless you are an envy-inducing parent who “just didn’t notice” the teething process at all because “it didn’t seem to bother” your baby, you are likely to have suffered alongside your little one as they grew their milk teeth.

The trouble with teething is that it manifests in all sorts of ways and affects each infant differently and at various ages.

But in the main, teething begins around three months and can last until a child is about two years old. Typically, it will involve pain as the teeth grow (it is in fact the growing process that hurts the most, not the actual moment when the tooth finally pushes through the gum), bright red cheeks, plenty of dribble and spells of diarrhoea. So, not the best of times, really.

However, there is plenty out there designed to help babies through this stage (and it is just a stage – we all have to remember that, even at 3am when we’ve a hysterical one-year-old frantically biting their own hands to deal with).

Here we round up the best teething products and remidies.

Mama + Belle Aurora Quartz Teething Necklace​

Instead of bubbas gnawing on diamond rings, solid gold pendants or intricate beads – pop on this silicone necklace and let them go hell for leather on that.

Comprised of the highest possible quality BPA free, food grade silicone beads the necklace is knotted between each bead for safety.

We pumped for the mint and quartz, which has a richness of colour that makes it feel really rather stylish. If mint isn't your thing there's a grey and quartz option as well. This is a genuinely lovely necklace – I have and will wear it even without a baby in tow.

£16.90 | John Lewis | Buy it now

Sophie la Girafe Teether

Soothing gums since she was created in France, 1961, Sophie is surely the world’s most famous giraffe. There are so many features to this seemingly simple natural rubber mammal, but let’s start with the smell.

The natural rubber of the Hevea tree – whose sap is used to create Sophie – has a distinctive, comforting smell that babies love and want to taste. The rubber is also soft to the touch and makes for a gentle teether – with so many chewable parts, including horns and muzzle. The consistency is similar to a bottle’s feeding teat.

£11.99 | John Lewis | Buy it now

Dribble bibs

Teething babies often dribble to such an extent that t-shirts and jumpers can be soaked through within seconds. Unless you particularly like more outfit changes than fashion week, dribble bibs are a godsend. We love this pack of three from Next. They are big without being cape-like and come in beautiful, contemporary designs that make them appear more fashion accessory than essential item. They are also really soft and kind on sensitive skin.

£7 | Next | Buy it now

Ashton Parsons Baby Teething Powder

Never go anywhere without a box of Ashton Parsons. Ever. Trusted by parents for 150 years, babies seem to love the taste of this herbal powder which is sugar free and made from tincture of Matricaria which is extracted from German chamomile flower heads – so you won’t have a fight on your hands when it comes to administering.

In fact, our little tester opened their mouth like a baby bird opens its beak in anticipation of a big juicy worm. Doses are helpfully split into 20 tiny individual sachets so you won’t have to faff about with measurements. It numbs the gums and peace is quickly restored.

£5.49 | Amazon | Buy it now

Kidsme Icy Moo Moo Teether

We love this ingenious but playful contraption. Stick it in the freezer to make the textured silicone teether ice cold and soothing for sore gums. The thick ring means it is easy to grip and the cow-hide pattern means it’s hard to lose!

And when you don’t need it for the pain of teething, you can employ it for the pleasure of ice lollies by using it to freeze juice, fruit puree and even milk. It stands up well to dishwashing, too.

We really liked that the cap keeps the actual teether protected from germs; excellent for on-the-go parents who, like me, tend to sling things inside handbags of dubious cleanliness.

Sold out from Jojo Maman Bebe - still available on Amazon

£5 | Amazon | Buy it now

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

A cacophony of colour, texture and sound, this friendly firefly is brilliant for on-the-go, thanks to the ring it has which easily attaches to a buggy or car seat. It is far from subtle but with a whole lot of different textures across Freddie’s body, teething tots will be distracted by discovery.

Our 13-month-old teething tester particularly liked the knotted arms and legs, chomping on them incessantly. The discovery of a deliciously munchable ladybird in a hidden pocket went down a treat too.

£9 | Amazon | Buy it now

Mokee Teething Rail Bumper

Many cots come with teething rails built in, but if yours doesn’t and you want to protect the furniture as well as giving your baby something to gnaw on, we recommend these cot bumpers.

Made of the softest jersey fabric, the bumpers fit into place with snaps and can be easily removed for washing. The fabrics have been tested extensively – so they are certified free from toxins and completely safe for babies to chew and suck with impunity.

The muted colours on offer mean that the bumpers will make any nursery look smart and fresh.

£14 | Mokee | Buy it now

Mam Bite and Brush

As the name suggests, this teether allows babies to gnaw away to their heart’s content while also providing a brush in the form of super-soft silicone bristles. However, even if your little one is still toothless the brush is a great gum massager – ideal for helping to relieve the pain.

We loved how this felt so feather light. Perfect for flights and long-distance travel. It’s BPA-free and comes in a range of colours.

£5.50 | Amazon | Buy it now

Baby Bjorn Teething Bib

We’ve all been there: finding the straps of a carrier soaked with saliva from a grumpy, teething baby. Thankfully for Baby Bjorn Carrier One owners, help is at hand. This specially fitted dribble bib attaches to your carrier and can be easily removed after using. It has soft surface made of a fibre called Tencel, which includes a waterproof membrane which dries quickly.

£18 | Baby Bjorn | Buy it now

Baby Bjorn Teething Pads

Much like the teething bib, these pads slip easily onto the straps of the Carrier One (and the Baby Carrier We in order to protect it from dribble. They are machine washable and made from 80 percent cotton and 20 per cent polyester.

We wish they came in packs of two, so that you had a pair for when the others were in the wash.

£13.50 | Baby Bjorn | Buy it now


We love the silicone necklace by Mama + Belle. Anything that can be worn securely, looks lovely and can be safely chewed, gets two thumbs up from us when it comes to the war on teething!