Best thermal socks for men and women


“There’s no such thing as bad weather; only bad clothes” goes the famous quote, and we couldn’t agree more.

Winter is a beautiful season and something as fleeting as cold isn’t a reason to keep you from enjoying all it has to offer.

A good coat, snuggly scarf and gloves to protect you from the elements are, of course, a winter prerequisite, but the ultimate warmer? A good pair of thermal socks.

For there are few things more dispiriting than toes that have transformed into ice cubes due to a lack of appropriate footwear. They become an all-consuming thought, the number one obstacle to joy in your life. But there is a way to safeguard your happiness this winter, from the feet up. Two words: thermal socks.

Now, don’t look at us like that. You may think they’re not the most attractive proposition, and up until very recently we’d have agreed with you, but the new wave of heat-retaining, cosy socks are here to prove us wrong.

They’re painted in every colour of the rainbow, with plenty of patterns in the mix too. There’s no need to sacrifice style for comfort; with our edit of the best thermal socks, you can have it all.

We’ve found the most stylish options around for both men and women to buy now and do your feet a favour.

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JW Anderson Heattech Anti-Odour Fair Isle Socks

Uniqlo is a brand that does two things very well: collaborations and its Heattech collection. This sock is the marriage of both, pairing designer JW Anderson’s rich, nautical patterns with fabric that repels the cold. The unisex pair are available in sizes 4 - 7 and 8 -11.

Buy now £7.90, Uniqlo

M&S Collection 2 Pack Thermal Fair Isle Socks with Wool

Two pairs of cosy socks, one with a wholesome Fair Isle print - what’s not to love? Both pairs are crafted from warm yet breathable wool and are perfect for wearing with boots.

Buy now £12.00, M&S

Chalier Finery 5 Pairs of Women’s Wool Socks

It’s hygge season, which means cosiness is front and centre on the agenda. Nail your cold weather look with this five-pack of warm wool socks, offered in a multi-coloured Fair Isle print. The crew design means you’ll have a fresh pair ready for every day of the working week, so you’ll never have to endure cold feet while you’re out and about again.

Buy now £12.49, Amazon

M&S Collection 2 Pack Thermal Patterned Ankle Socks

Chic in a beige and black colourway, these ankle-high socks are ready to protect your feet with a seamfree design. The incorporated Freshfeet tech means they’ll stay feeling and smelling fresh until you peel them off at the end of the day.

Buy now £12.00, M&S

Uniqlo Heattech Fair Isle Print Socks

This price for two pairs of Uniqlo’s Heattech socks feels like a bargain, but the Fair Isle pattern in a retro 70s inspired palette makes purchasing them a no-brainer. The warm knitted socks are your first defence against winter’s chill.

Buy now £12.90, Uniqlo

Sockshop Men’s 1 Pair Jeep Hiking Wool Blend Socks

Warm, rugged, wholesome; if this sock were a person, we’d ask it out for a drink. The chunky knitted design is made with a pleasingly thick wool rich yarn mix that’s made for country walks and hiking while the ribbed tops ensure they won’t keep sliding down every other minute.

Buy now £7.99, Sockshop

HEAT HOLDERS - 3 Pack Multipack Mens Insulated Thermal Socks for Winter

When it comes to style, black has always been an enduring shade. This triple pack of Heat Holder socks come in the sleek colour and work to keep feet warm using features like thermal brushing and  extra long looped cushion pile to trap heat. These socks are so warm, they come with a 2.34 tog rating, making them seven times warmer than an average cotton sock.

Buy now £24.99, Amazon

Sockshop Men’s 2 Pair Pringle Cushioned Boot Socks

Designed for boot-wearing men with a thing for long walks, Pringle of Scotland offers this pair of burgundy and black socks, complete with cushioning. Made with a cotton and polyester blend - with a little elastane for stretch - the soft knit also wicks away moisture, keeping you feeling fresh.

Buy now £6.99, Sockshop

SockSnob 12 Pair Value Pack Men’s Wool Blend Thermal Socks

At a time when everyone is keen on a bargain comes this stonker of a deal from online retailer SockSnob. You can get 12 pairs of black and grey marl thermal socks for less than £16. Made from a cotton and wool blend, each pair both super soft as well as ultra warm with enough stretch and give to ensure a glove-like fit.

Buy now £15.99, SockSnob

Seasalt Women’s Cabin Socks

This pair of socks are designed largely for indoor use, with a touchably soft fluffy lining to warm you from the ground up. Available in a selection of fun and fetching colourways, the printed ankle design socks can also be worn inside a pair of boots for extra insulation.

Buy now £12.50, Seasalt Cornwall