Best vibrators for women and where to buy

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Say what you like about the pandemic (and there’s plenty to mouth off about), but one of the positives it gave us was the time to get to know our bodies better.

Locked indoors with nowhere to go and with only the telly, puzzles and banana bread to stave off boredom, is it any wonder we looked for excitement wherever we could find it?

Namely, the bedroom, and chiefly: sex toys.

Across the board, anyone who sold these pocket rockets of joy were seeing their sales grow stratospherically are bored Brits looked for ways to spice up their nightlife.

Cult Beauty reported a 61 per cent increase in sex tech and high street lingerie and adult only store Ann Summers said they had a whopping 900 per cent increase in sex toy sales from the first lockdown in March 2020.

What was once a shady purchase in a Soho store backroom is now fast becoming mainstream. You can get them everywhere, from online giant Amazon to fashion retailer Nasty Gal. Even Sainsbury’s has a finger in this particular pie, selling a range of adult toys from £8, meaning you can pick them up alongside your peaches, bananas and aubergines if the mood strikes.

The selection is enormous, from colours, textures, finishes and functions. While today they go hand in hand with getting your freak on, the first vibrator was invented in the 1870s and started out as a medical tool to help all sorts of non-sexual ailments: sore throats, stimulating hair growth, relief for sore muscles.

There’s no evidence that customers then used them for nocturnal naughtiness, but by the time Hitachi started selling its plug-in Magic Wand vibrator (officially marketed as a massager) in the mid-70s, savvy customers were uncovering the mind-blowing benefits for themselves.

There are many pros to getting your rocks off; from better sleep, stress relief, a stronger pelvic floor and of course, the endless mood-boosting benefits, not to mention self-esteem. It can even make sex sans toy more fulfilling.

Whether you’re new to sex toys or you want shiny new ones to add to your private collection, we’ve got the scoop on the best vibrators around.

Prepare to enter a world of pleasure with our pick of the best vibrators worth spending your money on.

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Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

There isn't a woman alive who doesn't need this award-winning clitorial vibrator in her bedside drawer. We're serious: best mates, nans, Priti Patel. Thoughts are clearer, spirits raised and life in general is sweeter when you've got a fully-charged Womanizer in your hand.

Using the power of suction, the Womanizer creates orgasmic pulsing stimulation using Pleasure Air Technology, which won't leave you numb, but may possibly render you pleasurably blind for a few seconds after its use. There are six speed levels to discover (newbies: start slow and work your way up) and it's waterproof too, so you can take it into the shower or bath for more fun than you've ever had with your rubber ducks.

A cult bedroom toy adored by the likes of Lily Allen (who collaborated on her own travel-sized version) and countless satisfied customers, we can vouch that it's in the list of items that we'd run, without hesitation, into a burning building to save.

There are many pretenders in the market, but this is the OG. Buy one for yourself, and every woman you know, and make the world a much happier place.

Buy now £99.99, Lovehoney

Coco de Mer Pleasure Collection

Famed for its luxe lingerie, Coco de Mer has snuck into the world of adult toys, and they’re as devastatingly chic as you’d expect. The range includes candles and lubes that promise to enhance playtime and of course, the toys.

There are five to ogle: The Seed (£145), an external stimulator with ten levels of vibrations; The Dual Vibrator (£145), designed to hit multiple erongenous spots; The G Spot (£135), an internal stimulator with 10 settings; The Remote Egg (£145), a small gizmo which works on different areas; and The Wand (£135), made from body-safe silky-soft silicone with 10 settings.

They come exquisitely packaged ready for gifting to someone special or just to enjoy all on your own.

Buy now, Cult Beauty

Wireless Wand Massager by Oliver James

Modelled on Hitachi's original wand massager, this device stays true to the script in that it's marketed as a 'portable sports neck massager'. However, the reviews tell quite a different story: "Got the wife screaming like a banshee. Exactly what I wanted it for. Top banana!" was one short but sweet piece of feedback, while another revealed "She’s fallen in love with this pink wand and has kicked me out, moved the wand in and they’re now living their best life."

Charging is via USB and noise-wise, it sounds like a razor - not super loud, but certainly noticeable. Something to keep in mind if you don’t live alone.

Not only does this baby offer 20 vibration patterns and eight speeds but it has a memory function too, which means a repeat performance is just a click away. What's not to love?

Buy now £28.95, Amazon

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit The Aqua One

The Rabbit is probably the best-known vibrator, shaped like the sweet, fuzzy animal from which it takes its name and propelled to pop culture stardom when it was namechecked in one episode of Sex and the City.

Made in 1983 by Vibratex, the vibrators were designed like bunnies in order to bypass obscenity laws in Japan (they made beaver, kangaroo and turtle-shaped devices too, which sadly weren’t as popular) and were the trailblazers in bringing internal and external components to sex toys.

It has remained a bedside favourite thanks to its multi-tasking abilities (the rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation while the shaft aims for the G-spot) and there’s been a number of offspring since the original Rabbit Pearl, which had a rotating bead section, to the Rampant Rabbit, initially made for an Ann Summers party.

The Aqua version of the Rampant Rabbit is made from soft, non-porous silicone (making it far more hygienic) and can be used in water. There are three speeds to enjoy alongside two vibrating pulse settings, aimed at getting you blended orgasms (sign us up).

It does need batteries, although that does mean zero time waiting for it to charge up.

Buy now £32.00, Amazon

LELO 8 Function G-Spot Massager - GIGI 2

“I bought this vibrator a month ago and have fallen in love with it” and “Never disappointed with any of our purchases from LELO, the GG 2 is perfectly designed especially with the broad head” are just two standout reviews from past customers on this gizmo.

Made from smooth, easy-clean silicone, the sculpted curved design offers a perfect fit for a range of people and there are eight powerful vibration settings to work your way through. It’s even waterproof to a depth of one metre, giving you more playtime options.

USB charged and comes with a one-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee for total peace of mind.

Buy now £119.00, Boots

Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function G-Spot Vibrator

This is the Bank Holiday of the vibrator world: a universally adored toy to anyone who takes the plunge and adds to their virtual basket – and this is due to the sheer versatility of the thing.

There are a whopping 20 functions, no doubt one of the most comprehensive on the market and yet it remains a compact device, complete with travel lock and storage bag so you can take it with you on trips.

There are not only three different speeds but 17 vibration patterns with varying oscillations to suit all. You will likely find your favourite and stick to it but you’ll have a lot of fun in the process trying them all out. Hold the button to turn off – a quick option in case of unexpected interruption.

For ease in holding, there is even a finger loop, which makes it great for beginners or incorporating into partner play. It is handily also waterproof, charges up by USB and is made from a soft silicone.

Buy now £29.99, Lovehoney


Feel good and do good with this revolutionary sex toy brand, made by recycling pieces of sea-bound plastic. Ohhcean guarantees waves of pleasure with its marine-hued products, made from discarded plastic and wrapped in body-friendly silicone. There are three toys made for playtime, from the Magic Wand (£64.99), to the G-spot Vibrator (£44.99) and the Body Vibrator (£34.99). Each offer seven levels of good vibrations and are ideal for using alone or with a friend.

Buy now, Ohhcean

Nasty Gal Butterfly Clitoral G-Spot Vibrator

Rabbits have been shafted for butterflies over at Nasty Gal, one of the increasing number of online fashion brands who are adding adult toys to their offering. This one is currently 20 per cent off and offers three levels of fluttering intensity.

Did we mention that it’s 100 per cent waterproof too? Bathtime just got a whole lot more pleasurable.

Buy now £17.60, Nasty Gal

Lovehoney Indulge G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Want a vibrator that can do it all? This twofer device will transform your solo or foreplay with its ability to offer vibration and suction at the same time. “The first time I used it I had tears of joy running down my face from the pure pleasure” explains one happy customer. “It absolutely blows your head off”, reveals another.

Combining everything you may know and love of models like the Womanizer with the traditional vibrator, there are seven levels of suction and 10 vibrations (three speeds and seven pulsations) so you can choose the intensity level to suit.

Best paired with lube and it’s USB rechargeable too. Sadly, this one isn’t waterproof so keep your play on dry land.

Buy now £69.99, Lovehoney

Smile Makers - The Surfer

The name says it all. This simple but effective device is sure to put a Cheshire cat-sized smile on your chops.

The orange-hued device couldn’t be easier to use: there’s a simple on/off button on the base which also amends the speed and offers an option for pulsation. It has a super soft skin-like feel, and has just the subtle embellishment of grooves that sit on the clitoris.

Best of all, it’s ultra-quiet so is a great option if you have housemates. It’s also waterproof so you can maximise your alone time when you’re in the bath or shower. Power up with just one AAA battery.

Buy now £19.95, lookfantastic

Durex Play Delight Mini Vibrating Bullet

A pocket-sized bullet of pleasure made for adventures outside of the bedroom, Durex’s waterproof toy is the perfect partner to take on trips away. It’s super quiet and can run for five hours straight if you’re planning a marathon session. Perfect to use solo or with a partner, the simple on/off switch means you can get down to business faster than before. A great product at an even better price.

Buy now £10.49, Superdrug

Lovehoney Ring It On Rechargeable Vibrating Rabbit Ring

To channel Beyonce, if you like it, you’d better put a ring on it. Made for couples, this vibrating toy will enhance the experience for you both.

Currently on sale from £29.99.

Buy now £14.99, Lovehoney

Lelo Soraya 2 vibrator

Lelo’s Soraya 2 vibrator has five star ratings across the board for good reason. Crafted specifically for double stimulation - both clitoral and vaginal - the rabbit-style Soraya 2 will give you the double orgasm of dreams.

Lelo has also made its second iteration of the Soraya softer and more flexible .. Need we say anymore?

Buy now £199.00, Lelo

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