Best women's boxing gloves for training and beginners

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Over the past few years, there has been a meteoric rise in the interest and participation of boxing in all forms. With new box-fit studios popping up left, right and centre, there has never been a better time to roll with the punches.

Boxing is a full body workout where dedicated studios are encouraging you to mix time on the bag or in the ring with mat work focusing on the core, lower and upper body.

Not only will a 45 minute class significantly boost your cardio levels, but is also acts as an incredible stress reliever, helping you to punch out any frustrations by the time the class is over.

For anyone that has been to one of the aforementioned studios, the only downside tends to be the scent of your hands by the end of the session after using the communal gloves provided. It is not pretty. This can be fixed with the small investment of your very own set of boxing mitts to ensure you come out swinging.

That being said, choosing the best gloves to suit your needs is not always easy but we’ve consulted the trainers at London-based studio 1Rebel – one of the leaders in the box-fit market hosting the Rumble class that combines technique, strength-building and conditioning – to share their top tips.

What should you look for when buying boxing gloves?

First things first, you want to protect your hands during uppercuts and hooks with shock-absorbing padding but take care to avoid a weighty set that will hinder your pace.

Master trainer Jodie Lee Tye, stresses this importance and suggests you look for a pair that provides “good support through the wrist with enough padding to protect the knuckles and flexibility through the glove to make a good tight fist”.

She also advises opting for gloves at around “12 or 14oz weight for training to improve endurance and speed” so you can beat your opponent to the punch when in the ring with lighter 8 or 10oz mitts.

There are specific gloves for different variations of boxing but a good all-rounder set is best for novices and intermediate boxing.

Rumble and Reshape Trainer Luke Morton suggests looking for a “glove that can be used for multiple training purposes” and adds that there needs to be “sufficient space in the glove for affective wraps”.

Material-wise, there are leather or synthetic options and your choice will largely depend on how much you are willing to invest. There are also Velcro and lace up fastenings, which is a matter of personal preference.

Lace up gloves tend to be aesthetically pleasing with a noticeable retro aesthetic but they do require another person to lace them up. A Velcro fastening offer support, while being easy to get on and off. To prevent the build-up of sweat and that eye-watering smell, ventilation and breathability are key.

Take your boxing to the next level and channel your inner Rocky Balboa with our pick of the best boxing gloves for women.

Combat Gloves White

Get all the gear to take your boxing to the next level with these gloves from Reebok that are designed to optimise your performance. Best for combat training, they have handy features like a perforated section at the palm for better air flow and a Velcro fastening with finger tabs for when it’s time to throw in the towel.

Best of all, they will stay comfortable throughout your training with a dense, compact padding that will protect your hands during your bag rounds. The sizes range from 8oz (small) to 16oz (extra large).

£38.95 | Amazon

RDX F15 Noir Boxing Gloves

Labelled “indestructible” by the retailer, these matte black leather boxing gloves from RDX feature a trademarked mould that is designed to disperse force equally, while an EVA padding absorbs shock.

The nylon mesh at the palm offers good ventilation and an interior microbial sweat-wicking lining keeps bad odour at bay. The hook-and-loop strap keeps your hand and wrist secure and protected, while also being easy to take on or off.

£27.99 | RDX Sports

Diane Kordas Printed leather boxing gloves

The box-fit essentials feature a chic camo-print design and a Pop Art ‘Boom’ motif for all the motivation you need to add power to your punches. They are composed of leather and have a fair amount of padding to protect your knuckles while you beat your opponent to the punch. They are fastened through an easily adjustable Velcro strap.


£185 | Net-A-Porter

Beast Gear Boxing Gloves

Beast Gear’s boxing gloves are fitted with a multi-level padding for protection while you punch, strike and spar. The genuine cowhide leather and triple layer stitching ensures your gloves will stay in tip top shape throughout your training. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 16oz.

£49.97 | Amazon

Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves

Secure that gold belt with the gloves to match. In stand-out gold on black, this hybrid model from Adidas is offered in 10oz and 12oz sizes. The outer material is made from a buff leather with a polyurethane palm and feature a layered injection-moulded foam padding which helps absorb impact. The lining of these gloves is similar to satin and uses an elastic strap to secure the closure.

£99.95 | Amazon

Everlast Catch Release Boxing Gloves

You can always count on Everlast for a good quality set of boxing gloves. The leader in boxing and MMA related equipment, this classic set is offred in a one-size-fits-all model.

Designed for sparring or mitt work, the gloves are made from a lightweight layered foam cushioning that will protect your hands but remain fairly soft for your partner or trainer.

These mitts are all about protecting your hands and wrists with a wraparound wrist strap for a secure fit and an extra reinforcement in the shape of wrist padding. There is also a breathable palm and split wrists for that much-needed ventilation.

£69.99 | Everlast

Starpro Boxing Gloves

Available in black or pink, these high quality boxing mitts are composed of a durable PU leather and shock-absorbing moulded foam with an interior polymax grip and a sweat-absorbing fabric lining. Air vents at the palm also provide ventilation.

Appropriate for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, sparring or training. They are available in a range of sizes (measured in weight from 6 to 16oz).

£21.99 | Amazon

RDX FL4 Boxing Gloves & Pads

Who said your boxing gloves couldn’t bring a touch of fun to your training? These gloves are embellished with a stylish floral design in a subtle monochrome. This set of both boxing gloves and pads will allow you to train with a partner with protective cushioning and maximum shock absorbtion.

The mitts have a sweat-wicking fabric interior and ventilation to keep them hygienic, dry and prevent that overwhelming bad smell build up. The pads have an open finger design for added grip and breathability.

£56.99 | Amazon

Everlast Strike Training Gloves

Depending on your type of training, you may actually only need fingerless gloves like these training options from Everlast. While breathability is a given due to your exposed fingers and palms, you will still get a secure fit thanks to the thick Velcro strap and padding.

£29.99 | Everlast

Elite Leather Classic Maroon Boxing Gloves

Given the professional seal of approval, these boxing gloves are offered in a classic maroon hue harking back to retro designs.

Made of a premium cowhide leather, these are quality pieces will stand the test of time. They are moulded to ensure you fist shape is always correct and wrist is supported – preventing possible injuries. They will stand up to pads, bags and sparring sessions and will remain comfortable throughout your training. These are excellent all-around boxing gloves that won't break the bank.

£28.99 | Amazon

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