'Best in the world' - celebrity vicar praises local bus route after move to Sussex

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Revered Richard Coles says Brighton to Eastbourne bus is 'best in the world'
Revered Richard Coles says Brighton to Eastbourne bus is 'best in the world'

The Reverend Richard Coles has declared his local bus service the “best in the world”.

The broadcaster heaped praise on the number 12 bus service, which runs between Brighton and Eastbourne, following his move to Sussex.

Reverend Coles said: “The number twelve from Eastbourne to Brighton is without any wisp of a doubt the best bus in the world.”

Brighton and Hove buses thanked the Reverend for praising the service and recommended other routes for him to try.

A spokesman said: “Welcome to Sussex Reverend Richard Coles.

“We’re glad you agree. If you are looking for even more great days out by bus, we also recommend our Breeze routers 77,78 and 79 and regency routes 28 and 29.”

Brighton and Hove buses breeze routes take passengers from the city centre to the South Downs National Park.

The regency routes go from Brighton to Tunbridge Wells.

Reverend Richard moved to the picturesque village of Friston in late April after announcing his retirement from the church.

He moved to be closer to his friend and former manager Lorna Gradden following the death of his husband Reverend David Coles.

The Argus: Reverend Richard Coles has moved to Sussex
The Argus: Reverend Richard Coles has moved to Sussex

Reverend Richard Coles has moved to Sussex

Writing in the Sunday Times, he said: “In May I start a new life in what looks like Tilling from the Mapp and Lucia novels.

“I'll be living in a charming 18th century cottage with a bow window that looms over the street affording a privileged view of my neighbours' comings and goings, as the scent of lavender floats across the village green.”

The 60-year-old shared a photograph of a kind note he had received from his neighbours Simon and Emma shortly after moving into the village.

The note said: “Dear Revo, Welcome to the village! Without wishing to sound like twitter stalkers, we heard that your oven was on the blink.

“Were a minute away down the hill if you need to borrow some oven space or we could spare you a portion of chilli-non-carne this evening.

“Give us a shout if we can be of assistance.”

The ex-Communards star finished 15th in the 2017 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

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