The best yoga classes in London

I started practising yoga when I was 21 years old. I was suffering from severe back problems and had started developing a hunchback. I began with Iyengar yoga, which focuses on alignment, and for the next five years, I was able to build a strong yoga foundation.

Then I moved on to other types of yoga, such as Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha. Yoga has become one of the most important parts of my life. It allows me time to reflect and re-focus, and to work through difficult emotions, whilst enabling my body to open – which was never something that came naturally to me as I was always incredibly inflexible.

Earlier this year, I decided to train as a yoga teacher, at Vikasa in Koh Samui in Thailand. I wanted to be able to share the beauty of yoga with others and hope I will be able to help them find peace through it, in the same time way I did.

For me, yoga isn’t just about fancy poses or bending this way or that. It’s about self-love, allowing yourself space to process your thoughts, emotions and feelings – which is so often difficult in the vibrant, bustling city that is London.

I truly believe that yoga should be a fixed part of any Londoner’s life. We are so lucky to have so many different yoga studios all over the capital to try, and it’s important to find the right one to suit you.

So, if you need some ideas about where to start, take note of my favourite yoga studios in London below...

Evolve Wellness, South Kensington

An understated, no frills yoga centre that I would recommend for beginners, as well as more advanced students. I love going there for an evening of Yin Yoga (one of my favourite styles) to really unwind, quiet my mind and bring down my cortisol levels.

I know that if you are a beginner, some of the ‘fancier’ or busier yoga studios can seem a bit intimidating, and that is why I really enjoyed coming here when I first started.

KXU, Chelsea

KXU is my personal favourite. Every single class I have taken there I have absolutely loved and the level of teaching is exceptional. The Vinyasa Flow classes are strong and really get you sweating, stretching and building serious strength throughout your entire body.

The studio is gorgeous. It has low lighting and comes with walled mirrors, so you can check your alignment throughout your class. There are rarely more than 15 students in the room at one time, meaning the teachers are able to pay attention to adjusting and correcting your form throughout. This is a great spot for yogis with some experience of yoga already.

Another Space, Covent Garden

The yoga classes at Another Space combine powerful breathing and movements, which helps you work on your strength and flexibility. The studio offers a variety of classes including traditional yoga, which raises your heart rate with its dynamic flow, as well as hot yoga, for a deeper range of motion.

As an aside, they also have great spin classes. I love to get on a bike for a 45-minute cardio burst, then follow up with a yoga fix.

Yoga is an important part of Roxie's life (Roxie Nafousi)
Yoga is an important part of Roxie's life (Roxie Nafousi)

Iyengar Yoga Institute, Marylebone

Iyengar yoga is where my yoga journey began. It has a strong focus on precision and re-alignment, and incorporates the use of numerous props. It is a great class for anyone with back problems or those who really want to build a strong foundation in the practice of yoga.

The IYI have a beautiful and bright studio, which makes you feel instantly zen the moment you walk in. They also have a 6-week introductory course starting in September (with a free taster class taking place the week before) which I think would be the most fantastic way to really immerse yourself in yoga and transform your posture.

MoreYoga, all over London

MoreYoga have studios all over London and great bundles too, making yoga more accessible and affordable. They have a huge range of classes, including MoreFit for those who want to have a more fitness-focused approach to it, as well as Yin and Kundalini for those who want to go deep into a meditative state.

I really love the variety of yoga here; there really is something for everyone.

Equinox, High Street Kensington

It’s been name-checked by numerous celebrities, and is celebrated as one of LA and New York’s coolest gyms. The renowned Equinox in London is also one of my favourite spots for yoga. There, you can shut out the world, get centered and deepen your practice.

The huge, bright studio is an idyllic backdrop for this journey. The lighting, sound, flooring and vibe – all of it creates the perfect environment for a great yoga session.

Hotpod Yoga – Notting Hill, Hackney, Wimbledon

I am a huge fan of hot yoga. I love nothing more than getting really sweaty in class and feeling my body purge all those toxins accumulated over the weekend.

You enter into cocoon-like pods and go through a Vinyasa Flow in a 37-degree heated room. Your heart rate rises whilst your body heats up, which allows for deeper stretches and the chance to detoxify.

You might walk out red-faced, but you feel totally rejuvenated.

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