Bethany Koby of Tech Will Save Us picks her favourite gadgets of 2019

Bethany Koby
Bethany Koby is co-founder and CEO of coding gadgets start-up Tech Will Save Us: Tech Will Save Us

It’s exciting to see the impact AI has had on consumer tech this year, from the further integration of Google’s Assistant to Apple’s Siri, and I’ve particularly loved my Nest Hub. Here’s the gadgets I’ve most enjoyed using in 2019.

Bando retractable charging cord


Bando makes really fun tech accessories and this “Stay Positive” charging cable is no different. A keychain that doubles up as a charger? Practical and adorable.


Arcade Coder

(Tech Will Save Us)

A game console mixed with a board game that teaches kids how to create and code their very own games. A multiplayer experience for friends and family — hopefully this will improve family time.


Ooni pizza oven


This ingeniously designed outdoor Pizza oven will surely become a staple for keen chefs. It is easy to use, small and portable as well as making great pies.


Native Union Drop wireless charging mat

(Native Union)

Finally, a wireless charging mat that is elegant and easy to use for most leading mobiles. Most importantly, it fits seamlessly into your home.


Google Nest Hub


In many ways a glorified digital photo frame — but what a great job it does to surface images from my preferred smart photo albums of my whole family. Oh, and it has Google Assistant built in.


iPhone 11 Pro

(Apple )

The most important thing for me as a parent is a good camera on my smartphone. Low light shots of my little ones create a whole new world of delightful memories.

From £1,049,

(Glo )

Wellness classes that can be done on the go, at home, anywhere and for any time too. From meditation, to yoga and Pilates, this is invaluable for a busy lifestyle.

£21.49 monthly subscription,

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Bethany Koby is co-founder and CEO of Tech Will Save Us