Bethenny Frankel recalls ‘crazy experience’ with Lisa Kudrow on talk show: ‘She didn’t want to be interviewed’

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Bethenny Frankel has shared her “crazy experience” with Lisa Kudrow.

The Friends star recently came under fire in a TikTok video posted by Spencer Pratt, in which he labelled her the “rudest celebrity” he’s ever met.

Responding to Pratt’s viral video, Frankel commented that she, too, had “a crazy experience” when Kudrow was a guest on her 2012 talk show, Bethenny, which ran for one season.

In a separate video, the former TV host detailed her “Phoebe story”, explaining that the 59-year-old actor ”stood out as the person who wanted to be there least of anybody the entire run”.

“It was like I walked up to her at the supermarket to interview her, and she would be like, ‘What? You’re coming up to me in the frozen food section’, but it was on a talk show set,” she explained.

“I basically just was asking her very basic normal questions, and you could tell that she just didn’t want to be there, which does make two of us.”

Frankel clarified: “I’m sure Lisa Kudrow is a lovely person, and she’s a wonderful actress. And I’m by no means getting into anything with her or piling onto anything with Spencer.”

Bethenny Frankel and Lisa Kudrow (Getty Images)
Bethenny Frankel and Lisa Kudrow (Getty Images)

“I just saw his comment, and it was funny because [this was a] weird random memory for me to have, just a very, very memorable moment on my talk show. Because she didn’t want to be interviewed, which does get in the way of an interview.”

The Independent has reached out to Kudrow’s representative for comment.