'Betrayal' - how the newspapers covered the latest chapter in Britain's Brexit chaos

Britain’s latest Brexit chaos made headlines across the world after Theresa May’s deal suffered another defeat in the Commons.

The Prime Minister’s defeat – on the day the UK was due to leave the EU – means the Government has missed the EU’s deadline to secure an extension and leave with a deal on May 22.

Mrs May now has until April 12 to go back to Brussels with new proposals and seek a longer extension to the negotiation process, or see the UK leave without a deal that day.

As the PM was reportedly considering a last-ditch attempt to save her deal, newspapers in Europe and around the world had their say.

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In an editorial, the New York Times tells its readers that while the “indefatigable” Prime Minister’s deal was rejected for a third time “there’s still hope a solution can be found”.

“It would all be splendid theatre if it were not so fateful for Britain and for Europe,” the paper says of the events.

In a lengthy article for German national paper Suddeutsche Zeitung, commentator Stefan Kornelius observes the “collapse of political authority, dilettantism, tactical stupidity, and the exhaustion of a democracy”.

He concludes that it is now down to a pragmatic EU to help Britain out of the impasse.

French newspaper Le Monde tells readers that “Theresa May has rolled the dice again. And, again, she lost”.

In the US the Wall Street Journal says “it’s anyone’s Brexit now”.

“The process has descended into such chaos it’s easy to lose sight of how extraordinary this is,” the paper says.

Back in the UK, The Times says the third rejection means a delay to Brexit and a new leader are needed to give time for the country to find a way out of the impasse.

The Guardian says it would be “madness” for Mrs May to try for a fourth time to get her deal past the Commons, saying it is “three strikes and out”.

The Daily Express says that if the deal comes back to Parliament for a fourth vote then MPs must back it.

In a front-page editorial, The Sun blames Labour, Tory Remainer MPs, hardline Brexiteers and DUP MPs, saying they “betrayed Brexit” in the vote.

“It was sickening to watch MPs whoop and snigger after voting to thwart the biggest democratic mandate in our history and continue this terrifying, damaging chaos,” the paper says.

The Daily Mail also speaks of Brexit “betrayal” on its front page, while it also takes aim at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the leading article.

But the Daily Mirror says that the fault for the “dispiriting deadlock lies squarely with Mrs May”.

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