Better Call Saul - A year later


A year has passed and the Breaking Bad’s spin-off, Better Call Saul is ready to return with its second season.

The show will return to Netflix on Tuesday 16 February 2016 and we already have a new trailer showing the still early days in James McGill’s life before becoming the iconic character of Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad.

It seems quite necessary to take a look at last year’s review of the first episodes of the series.

Last year AMC, the house producer of Breaking Bad, premiered the first episode of its new spin-off show.

The author of the most high-rated series in the TV history, Vince Gilligan has been successfully testing himself with a new project that involved many characters from the previous show and its new protagonist, Bob Odenkirk’s sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman and his despicable criminal clients.

The character is at the heart of the show that tells his story from the beginning slowly showing us how he eventually break bad and became the lawyer we had been used to know in Breaking Bad.

The series is set four years before the events in Breaking Bad.

Before the show got premiered, it was a common thought that it would have lived in the shadow of its major brother’s success. But since the very first episodes, it proves that it isn’t necessarily like this.

The series had to uphold a legacy.

Breaking Bad’s legacy is one the heaviest. The show has been widely recognised as a cult now and it had received indisputably applause from the critics and from the general public.

After watching the series’ Pilot, I’ve come to the idea that it is even better written and better directed than many of the initial episodes of Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan and his crew have shown to be really creative and meticulous when working together.

Maybe, these sabbatical years spent after the finale of Breaking Bad have really helped the crew to settle some new ideas without the pressure that was around Breaking Bad finale.


I was quite nervous before starting watching the first season: I was afraid I would have been disappointed, but after few minutes, it really felt like being home again: the safe environment of Gilligan’s Albuquerque; the shared atmosphere with the same universe of Breaking Bad; the photography and the directing overall that lets you feel then hand of a very experienced team.

The Pilot seemed to suggest that the series will differ from Breaking Bad in themes and atmosphere. Whereas Breaking Bad was about trying to be good but ending up committing bad actions, Better Call Saul is more about a simple and humble character that does the wrong thing always trying to do his best to act legally.

Furthermore, whereas Breaking Bad was often about making money from illegal operation, Better Call Saul is about the impossibility of making the ends meet from a legal activity.

Better Call Saul had the second-highest-rated first season in cable history, attracted seven Emmy nominations and winning two Critics’ Choice TV Awards (Bob Odenkirk for Best Actor, Jonathan Banks for Best Supporting Actor).

Filming on the second season took place in Albuquerque over the summer.

Netflix: ‘Better Call Saul will return to Netflix on 16 February, 2016.’