Beyoncé addresses Grammys Album of the Year snubs on ‘Cowboy Carter’

Beyoncé addresses Grammys Album of the Year snubs on 'Cowboy Carter'
Beyoncé addresses Grammys Album of the Year snubs on 'Cowboy Carter'

Beyoncé responded to her Grammys Album of the Year snubs the best way she knows how: through music.

The record-breaking 32-time Grammy winner cleverly addressed never winning one of the Academy’s most coveted trophies in her new song “Sweet Honey Buckin'” included on Friday’s “Cowboy Carter” album release.

“AOTY [Artist of the Year], I ain’t win/ I ain’t stuntin’ ’bout them/ Take that s – – t on the chin/ Come back and f – – k up the pen,” Beyoncé, 42, says on the track.

“Cowboy Carter” was released Friday. AP
“Cowboy Carter” was released Friday. AP

Her albums “I Am … Sasha Fierce,” “Beyonce,” “Lemonade,” and “Renaissance” have all been nominated for Album of the Year but the “Single Ladies” songstress has never snagged the category.

Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z addressed this issue during the 2024 Grammys in February, addressing the Academy directly, “I’m just sayin’, we want y’all to get it right.”

“We love y’all … at least get it close to right,” Jay, who has 24 Grammys of his own, continued, “And obviously it’s subjective — y’all don’t gotta clap at everything — obviously it’s subjective because it’s music and it’s opinion-based. But some things, you know …”

He said of his A-List wife, “I don’t wanna embarrass this young lady, but she has more Grammys than everyone and never won Album of the Year, so even by your own metrics, that doesn’t work.”

Beyoncé last released “Renaissance” in 2022. Beyonce / Instagram
Beyoncé last released “Renaissance” in 2022. Beyonce / Instagram

The genre-bending “Cowboy Carter” leans more country than any other album Yoncé has put out. One source told The Post on Friday that the album is the singer’s revenge on the country music community.

“This is her life, this has been her life: You tell Bey she can’t do something, she does it,” a source close to the singer told The Post. “If you don’t invite her to the party; she will create a bigger party and shut yours down. That’s how she rolls.”

Beyoncé joined the Chicks (at the time, still known as the Dixie Chicks) onstage at the 2016 Country Music Association Awards to perform a version of her “Lemonade” track “Daddy Issues,” which received racially charged backlash on social media.

“The criticisms I faced when I first entered this genre forced me to propel past the limitations that were put on me,” Beyoncé wrote in an Instagram post last week.

Beyoncé is 42. beyonce/Instagram
Beyoncé is 42. beyonce/Instagram

On Friday, the “Drunk In Love” singer’s company Parkwood Entertainment revealed in a press release that she first planned for this new album to come out before “Renaissance” in July 2022.

“This album took over five years,” she said of “Act II.” “It’s been really great to have the time and the grace to be able to take my time with it.”

“I was initially going to put ‘Cowboy Carter’ out first, but with the pandemic, there was too much heaviness in the world. We wanted to dance. We deserved to dance,” she said of the disco-inspired album. “But I had to trust God’s timing.”