Beyonce approved all of the songs on Jay-Z's '4:44' album

Last week, Jay-Z shocked everybody when he released his new album ‘4:44’, which seemingly confirmed speculation that he had cheated on his wife, Beyonce, in the past.

Now it has been revealed that Beyonce approved every single track on the record before it was released to the public, and even gave Jay creative advice.

Fans dubbed ‘4:44’ as Jay’s ‘Lemonade’.

Speaking to the New York Times, the album’s producer No I.D. explained: “I always call Bey our de facto A&R. Pillow talk is the strongest conversation on the planet.

“Every song has to get past her ears, in my eyes. She came by a lot and played a good part in helping us get over hurdles on certain records.

“Of course she’s genius-level with that.”

Last year, Bey caused a stir when she released her visual album ‘Lemonade’, which seemed to suggest that Jay had cheated on her with “Becky with the good hair” – something that Jay admits to in his new songs.

Beyonce accused Jay of cheating in her 2016 album.

The title track for the LP features the lyrics: “If my children knew, I don’t even know what I would do. If they ain’t look at me the same, I would probably die with all the shame.

“You did what with who? What good is a ménage a trois when you have a soulmate, you risked that for Blue?

“I apologize, often womanize, took my child to be born, see through a woman’s eyes.

“Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles. Took me too long for this song. I don’t deserve you.”

Jay raps about his shame of cheating on the mother of his children.

Meanwhile, ‘Family Feud’ – which features vocals from Beyonce – includes the line: “Yeah, I’ll f*ck up a good thing if you let me, let me alone Becky.”

Another song references Jay’s infamous feud with Beyonce’s sister Solange, which saw the singer attack Jay in a life at the Met Gala in 2014.

Referring to Halle Berry’s unfaithful ex-husband Eric Benet, Jay raps in ‘Kill Jay Z’: “You egged Solange on, knowing all along all you had to say you was wrong.

Solange was caught attacking Jay on CCTV.

“You almost went Eric Benet, let the baddest girl in the world get away.”

Despite the many apparant ‘Lemonade’ references, No I.D. revealed that he and Jay did not talk about his wife’s record when working on the new album.

He shared: “Mainly because if he talks about himself, it’s going to bleed into that regardless. But there’s a difference in talking about it for the sake of response and for the sake of honesty and the truth.

“The truth needs to explain why you are the way you are, why you did what you did. We know what happened. We got it.

Beyonce and Jay are thought to be stronger than ever now.

“But what were the circumstances that led to this and how do you feel about it?”

Jay released his new album just weeks after welcoming twin babies with Beyonce, reportedly named Sir and Rume, with the celebrity couple also being parents to five-year-old Blue Ivy.

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