Beyonce fans say Renaissance was ‘made with the LGBT community in mind’

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Beyonce fans say her highly anticipated album Renaissance was “made with the LGBT community in mind” as they shared their initial thoughts on the new release.

Members of the pop superstar’s fan club, colloquially known as the Beyhive, said it was clear that “a lot of research had been done” for the album, which comes six years after the artist’s previous solo offering.

Many staged listening parties on Thursday night in anticipation of the new music, having avoided tracks that were reportedly leaked on Wednesday.

Brandon Stennis, a gamer and Twitch partner, said he and six others had gathered in a friend’s apartment, with a good sound system and lighting arrangements.

Mr Stennis told the PA news agency that he had been excited to hear the various collaborations on the album, including with transgender artist Honey Dijon.

“As a big fan of house music going into this album, I was already excited because of the fact that music and artists I love and respect were involved,” he said.

“I was especially excited to know Honey Dijion was involved.

“It was very clear this album was made with love and also a lot of research was done on the music used and sampled to bring the very best product.”

He continued: “this album was specifically made with the LGBT community in mind.

“References to ballroom culture, having trans women involved in songs and production.

“If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.”

Mr Stennis added that Renaissance was his favourite Beyonce album yet as it was “more in tune with the genre of music I already love”.

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