Beyond Paradise: How Humphrey's confession sets up future conflict

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Beyond Paradise's Humphrey makes a huge slip upBBC

Beyond Paradise episode 3 spoilers follow.

Humphrey has proven his astute detective skills time and time again. The more peculiar the case, the more suited he is to crack it.

It's his idiosyncratic ways and his ability to see what others don't that give him the leg up. Simply put, he's just too meticulous not to see the clues hiding underneath that upturned stone.

Why then, in the latest episode of Beyond Paradise, would he toss all of that out of the window and give away precious intel without considering the ramifications? And no, we're not talking about the case of the week. We're talking about matters of the heart.

Somehow, Humphrey (Kris Marshall) isn't bamboozled by the trick picture frame hiding the stolen painting in this week's mystery case. Yet he's less astute when it comes to the potential problem in his and Martha's relationship.

We're of course referring to her suave ex-fiancé Archie (Jamie Bamber), in whose presence Humphrey finds himself flummoxed enough to overshare.

During a very awkward lunch date with Martha's ex, Humphrey lets slip how he really feels about his relationship with her, and his insecurities really shine through.

"I still wake up every morning and wonder what she sees in me," he admits, squirming noticeably in his chair as though trying to physically dispel the discomfort.

Naturally, Archie picks up on it – who wouldn't? – and though all he says is "Okay", you can see his mind whirring behind those calculating eyes.

Humphrey continues to unwisely share his insecurities further when he says: "I guess it's just one of life's mysteries. Best not to think about it too much in case I jinx it."

Oh Humphrey, not the 'she's too good for me, I don't deserve her' line.

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When Archie probes and tells Humphrey he should ask Martha (Sally Bretton) what she sees in their relationship, Humphrey reveals that he has.

"She says we're the perfect fit, like yin and yang," he answers before disclosing that he thinks he may be yang — the embodiment of light and positivity as opposed to yin's dark negativity.

Charming. Not at all suggestive of the problems they may be facing in their relationship. Problems in part stemming from Martha's heartbreak over their miscarriage and all the uncertainty that has been brought with it.

Martha has been quietly questioning whether she still wants children, and though she later relents towards the end of the episode as she confides in Humphrey that she wants to try again, it's not quite the happy news he thinks it is.

We all saw the grimace on her face as he hugged her. The look may have been hidden from Humphrey, but it's clear to any onlooker that she's still wrestling with her decision to embark on motherhood.

kris marshall, sally bretton, beyond paradise, season 1

Still, best not to allude to her handsome ex that there's negativity coming from her part and that you are perhaps the positive driving force willing the relationship forward. Especially since your positivity is seeming a little lukewarm in this moment.

Archie smiles and shares his own intel about his previous relationship with Martha, except his revelation seems more tactical.

"Perversely, I used to think we were perfect together," he says without any of Humphrey's self-doubt. "Turns out she didn't feel the same way."

"Lucky for me," says Humphrey — with a little smugness, we're pleased to report. But how long will that luck hold out with him relaying the flaws in their relationship to a man who clearly means to meddle?

It's obvious that Archie still harbours feelings for Martha and that he's trying to gauge how stable her relationship with Humphrey is.

jamie bamber , beyond paradise

It's Archie who suggests strong-arms Humphrey into this meet-up under the guise of friendship, but we're not buying that act-one bit. Archie still sees himself as a romantic contender, and he's laying the foundational groundwork to unpick what Martha and Humphrey have built.

By giving Archie insight into the problems in their relationship, Humphrey has given him all he needs to stoke any fires of doubt that Martha has about her charted path with Humphrey.

kris marshall, beyond paradise, season 1

"Does it bother you, us working together?" Archie asks Humphrey, as if to plant the idea in his head that it should, that he means to make it a problem.

"Should it?" Humphrey questions. But Archie is quick to hit back, saying: "'Course not!"

His tone is bright and friendly, enough to blind you from what's really going on. But Archie, we've got your number even if Humphrey hasn't yet.

There's a sticky love triangle forming right about now. Let's hope Humphrey starts employing those scrupulous detective skills outside of work too.

Beyond Paradise continues Fridays at 8pm on BBC One, and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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