BGT judges' hearts melt over 'inspiring' choir with Welsh children after 'beautiful' performance

The audience and judges loved 'Amasing' children's choir
-Credit: (Image: ITV/screengrab)

A brilliant children's choir made up of schoolchildren from across Cheshire, north Wales and the Wirral blew the Britain's Got Talent judges and live audience away in Friday's semi-final. Filling the stage, the platform and the stairs which lead from the audience to the stage with vibrancy and laughter, the brightly-dressed youngsters sang an original song about being a star, a hero and the future whilst smiling, dancing and having fun together.

As they finished their performance, streamers fell from the ceiling and all four judges were up on their feet. Asked what he thought of the act, Bruno Tonioli said: "I tell you, the future is going to be a better place with you. You will make it. You're so inspirational, it gives me hope because in your hands, everything is going to be wonderful. Love you!"

Alesha Dixon agreed, saying: "We loved every minute of it, it made us feel hopeful and joyful. It was a beautiful celebration and all of you did such a great job, we're proud of each and every one of you." For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter

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"I forgot how many of you there are - I was thinking, if you won the show, you'd probably all get a quid each!" joked Amanda Holden. "But as Alesha and Bruno said, it was full of energy, full of joy and I just love the whole ethos here because you are children and you are behaving like children. You had the best time, well done!"

The choir filled the stage with bright colours, excitement and fun
The choir filled the stage with bright colours, excitement and fun -Credit:ITV/screengrab

Reflecting on a previous performer on tonight's show, a teacher-come-comedian, Simon said: "You know, it's so interesting, we just saw the most amazing school teacher - just the nicest person - and now, we've seen the best schoolkids!

"There's something about all of you. You radiate joy, excitement, fun - there's nothing better than seeing happy kids! This is all about friendship, it's fun - it's like our own British High School Musical! I think the final will be a better place with you in it!"