Biden asks Congress for additional $33B in aid for Ukraine

President Biden said Thursday that his $33 billion request to Congress for military, economic and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine is needed for the country's "fight for freedom" against Russia's invasion.

Video transcript

JOE BIDEN: I just signed a request to Congress for critical security economic and humanitarian assistance to help Ukraine continue to counter Putin's aggression and at a very pivotal moment. We need this bill to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom.

And our NATO allies, our EU partners, they're going to pay their fair share of the cost as well. But we have to do this. We have to do our part as well, leading the alliance.

The cost of this fight is not cheap, but caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen. We either back Ukrainian people as they defend their country, or we stand by as the Russians continue their atrocities and aggression in Ukraine.

Every day, every day, the Ukrainians pay a price, and the price they pay is with their lives for this fight. So we need to contribute arms, funding, ammunition, and the economic support to make their courage and sacrifice have purpose, so they can continue this fight and do what they're doing. It's critical this funding gets approved and approved as quickly as possible.

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