Biden flips US state of Arizona, a longtime Republican stronghold

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US President-Elect Joe Biden has narrowly won the battleground state of Arizona in what is a monumental shift for a state that was once a Republican stronghold.

In another blow to President Donald Trump's bid to overturn the results of the 3 November presidential election, Biden has become just the second Democrat to win Arizona since 1948.

Following Bill Clinton’s win the state in 1996, it moved further to the right – making Biden’s victory even more remarkable.

With his margin now some 0,3 percentage points, Biden is a certainty to capture the state’s 11 electoral college votes, bringing his haul to 290 – 20 more than the 270 required to take the White House.

Trump has repeatedly claimed – without evidence – that the election was marred by fraud, and his campaign has filed lawsuits challenging the vote counts in several states.

Most Republicans have publicly backed Trump's attempt to contest the results and declined to recognise Biden as the president-elect.

However a handful of Republican senators on Thursday urged the Trump administration to allow Biden to receive intelligence briefings, implicitly acknowledging he could eventually occupy the White House.

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