Biden launches first TV ad targeting AAPI voters


President Joe Biden’s campaign team on Tuesday released the first of what is reportedly a series of ads tailored for Asian American and Pacific Islander voters.

What’s in it: The 30-second ad, which was first reported by NBC News, highlights Jenny Poon, a Vietnamese American business owner from Phoenix. Poon’s parents fled Vietnam during the war and immigrated to the United States, where they started a restaurant.

Poon says her business has just expanded to another location. Her husband, Odeen, recognizes Biden for focusing on small businesses over major corporations, saying “it wasn’t like that before.”

The big picture: Poon’s business story is familiar in the AAPI community. As of 2020, Asian Americans owned the most businesses out of all minority groups in the U.S., according to the latest census data. Among them, nearly one in four (23.8%) belonged to the accommodation and food services sector. With 145,714 such businesses, they also outnumbered all other minority groups in this sector.

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What’s next: The Biden campaign plans to roll out similar ads in the future. They will include in-language materials focused on Indian, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese and other South Asian communities.

“Our first ad, ‘Family Business,’ communicates the clear choice facing the AAPI community next November — between President Biden’s commitment to investing in our small businesses and our families, or MAGA Republicans solely focused on tax breaks for the wealthy and powerful corporations," campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a statement.


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