Biden news: Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘gets standing ovation’ at GOP meeting as Liz Cheney faces vote

Joe Middleton and Justin Vallejo
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Joe Biden pictured on Tuesday before signing executive orders on immigration (EPA-EFE)
Joe Biden pictured on Tuesday before signing executive orders on immigration (EPA-EFE)

President Joe Biden will sit down with CBS News for his first face-to-face interview since assuming office last month, in a segment that will air on Sunday ahead of the Superbowl, as the GOP refused to remove Marjorie Green Taylor from committees.

Mr Biden will be interviewed by Norah O’Donnell in a prime time slot as many Americans settle down to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face the Kansas City Chiefs.

It comes as House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy refused to strip committee assignments from Marjorie Green Taylor, who received a standing ovation from about half the Republican members at a closed-door GOP caucus. In the same meeting, Liz Cheney faced a vote to be removed from the party’s leadership for supporting the impeachment of Donald Trump.

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The GOP, meanwhile, turned its focus to Ilhan Omar in an attempt to remove her from office for controversial statements in an effort to dissuade Democrats from moving forward with a vote to eject Taylor Greene from Congress.

In news from the White House, Biden refused to budge on the $1.9trn Covid relief proposal. He is, however, open to negotiating on who receives the stimulus checks - confirmed to be $1,400.

Meanwhile, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon could face state charges over allegations he defrauded donors for the US-Mexico border wall, as reported by The New York Times.

Bannon was given a pardon by the former president after being indicted of federal charges for the scheme, but the Manhattan district attorney’s has now reportedly started investigating his role in fundraising for the project.