Biden seeks to reassure donors: ‘The Democratic nominee is me’

President Biden joined a call with donors Monday as part of his ramped up efforts to ease concerns over whether he’s fit to serve and able to beat former President Trump in November.

Biden told donors he is staying in the presidential race and thanked them for their support to beat Trump, according to his campaign. He also took questions from them.

“The Democratic Party has spoken. The Democratic nominee is me. And I’m going to be the nominee of the party,” Biden told donors.

“We can’t waste any more time being distracted. I have one job, and that’s to beat Donald Trump. … I’m absolutely certain I’m the best person to be able to do that,” he said, adding that Trump has to be put “in the bull’s-eye.”

He also added that he’s “not going anywhere” and promised to beat Trump.

When Biden was asked by a donor what his strategy is for the second debate against Trump, he replied, “Attack, attack, attack, attack.”

Another donor told Biden on the call that they would “crawl over broken glass” to get him elected, and then asked what the 30-second pitch would be for door-knockers for Biden.

The president replied, “Joe Biden comes from a background just like you, middle-class background. Joe Biden was raised in a three-bedroom house with four kids. And Joe Biden knows it’s all about what’s left at the end of the month for ordinary people to get by.”

“And the second piece is, Donald Trump swore to undo everything I’ve done,” the president added.

The Biden Victory Fund National Finance Committee call was hosted at noon by Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) and Biden campaign Chair Jen O’Malley Dillon.

Donors, according to the Biden campaign, were supportive of the president, thanking him for staying in the race.

“So grateful you’re staying in the race,” a donor said. “Bring Scranton Joe to the next debate, because Scranton Joe can beat Donald Trump.”

The donor asked about the Biden campaign focusing on the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, from which Trump has distanced himself, instead of age.

Biden replied, “He’s only three years younger than I am.”

“Thanks for sticking with me. It matters. It matters. I’ve been knocked down before, and we’re getting up. The country’s been knocked down before, and we’re getting up,” Biden said to close his remarks.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) also held a call with donors last week to attempt to calm nerves. But, sources told The Hill at the time that the DNC didn’t take questions, so attendees couldn’t express their concerns.

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