Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco rinsed by co-star over TV return in The Flight Attendant

Jacob Stolworthy
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The stars of The Big Bang Theory have been supporting Kaley Cuoco in her return to TV in their own unique way.

Cuoco is starring in new HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, a mystery following a woman who wakes up in her hotel room in Dubai to find a dead body lying next to her.

With no memory of what happened, she continues her morning as if nothing happened – but begins to wonder whether she was the one who committed the act.

A trailer has now been released for the series, which will mark Cuoco's first TV role since The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019.

She played Penny in the beloved CBS sitcom for 12 seasons.

After teasing an announcement about the new show, Johnny Galecki – her former co-star who played Penny's husband, Leonard – poked fun at her in a loving manner.

On her Instagram series, titled Cup of Cuoco, she said: "Tomorrow and Tuesday, I am very excited – I will be dropping tonnes of Flight Attendant information.

"Yeah lots. Dropping something tomorrow and some big information on Tuesday and then I think I’m going to do an Instagram live on Tuesday night. I think I’ve only done it twice ever but I thought this would be fun."

She continued: "I’ll answer some questions and get you all excited for The Flight Attendant premiere, which is just around the corner. I’m really excited for the show, I hope you like it."

Galecki wittily responded: "I’m busy Tuesday," and Kaley – proving the pair are still friends – replied with the laughter emoji.

Johnny Galecki lovingly poked fun at his former ‘Big Bang Theory’ co-star on InstagramInstagram
Johnny Galecki lovingly poked fun at his former ‘Big Bang Theory’ co-star on InstagramInstagram

Kunal Nayyar, who played Raj in The Big Bang Theory, expressed his excitement over the new show, writing: “Oh mah gaaawwwwwwwwd.”

While appearing on a new Netflix series, Cuoco was left squirming after coming face-to-face with a comedian who hated the sitcom.

The Flight Attendant will be available to stream on HBO Max from 23 November.

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