Big Bang Theory star suffered intense claustrophobia filming this scene

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Both fans and stars of The Big Bang Theory are starting to get emotional about the upcoming final episode – yet Amy Farrah actress Mayim Bialik in unlikely to count this terrifying filming experience among her happy memories of the show.

During last week's episode (April 18) 'The Inspiration Deprivation', Sheldon arranged for Amy to spend some time in a sensory deprivation tank to calm her nerves in the run-up to her Nobel prize bid.

Unfortunately, Mayim suffers from claustrophobia and found filming the scene anything but relaxing.

Photo credit: Channel 4

Writing on her blog Grok Nation (via Metro), Mayim said: "In real life I’m claustrophobic. I was not at all excited to be placed in this giant Mork & Mindy type egg thing with the cover closed.

"When filming, we would wait until the very last second before cameras were rolling to shut me into my pod.

"The only blessed relief was that I was able to see some light coming in through the back of the pod where the lid met the unit, so that actually helped.

"It reminded me of the feeling of being held underwater. If you’ve never experienced claustrophobia, that’s what it can feel like: your throat closing in, water from some unknown source filling your chest and neck and head up as death greets you with her steely gaze inside of your mind.

"Needless to say, this wasn’t one of my favourite scenes to film."

Here's hoping Sheldon's future attempts to soothe Amy don't involve any more small, dark, enclosed spaces.

The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS in the US and on E4 and Netflix in the UK.

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