Big Brother 25's Cory Wurtenberger Makes Passionate Case For Night One Live Feeds, And This Man Is Spitting Facts

 Cory Wurtenberger in Big Brother.
Credit: CBS

The upcoming Big Brother Season 26 is just around the corner, but there are still many questions fans likely have about live feeds, which have been streamable with Paramount+ subscriptions. Per the latest rumor on that front, fans will be able to watch the feeds sooner than expected, but it seems increasingly likely that the popular trend of Night 1 feeds will end with this season. Amidst that speculation, Season 25's Cory Wurtenberger made a passionate plea for why it's necessary, and I think he's spitting nothing but facts.

The reported notion that the feeds could start as early as two to three days after Houseguests move in are better than learning we'd have to wait an entire week. However, it's not good enough for Cory Wurtenberger. I'm boosting his opinion, because I completely agree. And I hope that Big Brother's producers will hear out his case and change their mind if Night 1 feeds are not currently planned.

Cory Wurtenberger Explained Why Night 1 Feeds Were Vital For Season 25

Cory, who is still with his showmance parter, America Lopez, popped onto X to give his thoughts on the growing concern that Night 1 feeds will not happen in Big Brother Season 26. The ex-Houseguest was known for big brain moves in the game like orchestrating Izzy Gleicher's eviction. So it's no surprise to me that he's using his big brain again to advocate for why losing Night 1 feeds is bad for the fans:

He's right. For example, the reasons for Kirsten Elwin's eviction might not have been as clear without watching the live feeds and seeing why everyone targeted her. A lot of chaos that occurred that week, with Luke Valentine ultimately being expelled for using a racial slur. With that, the context provided by the live feeds was important, as they let fans know all the relevant details Big Brother's producers couldn't include in the actual episodes. I appreciate a fan and former Houseguest like Cory speaking out on the matter due to his knowledge of how important context can be for this show.

Recent Big Brother Seasons Had Big Moments On Night 1 That Weren't Always Shown On Air

Not everyone watches the live feeds on BB, but the ones who do know the early weeks of the game are often the best when it comes to prime content. As Cory Wurtenberger mentioned, fans see the creation of alliances and Houseguests' early interactions, which ultimately shape their relationships for the rest of the game.

Without Night 1 feeds, viewers wouldn't have seen Frenchie's chaotic HOH that essentially destroyed his game before it ever started. Let's also not forget that in Season 24, we never would've seen Paloma Aguilar's campaign to isolate Taylor Hale That also includes the concerning events that led to her dismissal, and how that ultimately shaped the narrative of the entire season. Without that context, fans would've been left to fill in the blanks like they have in the past when it comes to immensely complicated situations.

As an example, we still don't know what the hell happened between Mirai Nagasu and Chris Kirkpatrick on Celebrity Big Brother that put them so fiercely against each other. Had the game started the feeds on Night 1 when the Houseguests moved in, we might have had more context rather and fans' imaginations wouldn't have run wild regarding what occurred. Hopefully, the franchise's producers take Cory Wurtenberger and fans' concerns to heart and find a way to give us the feeds on the first night. However, I'm not holding my breath on that being a possibility at this stage.

Big Brother premieres on CBS across two nights on Wednesday, July 17th, and Thursday, July 18th amid the 2024 TV schedule. Tune in at 9:00 p.m. ET on both nights to see what's planned for this season, and what the mysterious big twist is.