Big Brother 26 Rumor Possibly Clears Up When Live Feeds Will Begin, And I'll Be So Relieved If It's True

 Julie Chen Moonves on the logo shot of Big Brother Season 26.
Credit: CBS

It's been a long wait, but Big Brother Season 26 will thankfully soon arrive on CBS. If the tech-inspired logo and other A.I. references haven't made it clear, this season could unlike any we've seen before. There are still some questions we don't know about the upcoming season, though a recent rumor might clear up any fears fans like me have had about when the live feeds will start.

When CBS announced Big Brother's two-night premiere, many viewers expressed concern, since a premiere split across two nights seemingly meant a live move-in for the Houseguests likely wouldn't be happening. This was bothersome because it also left a question mark as to when the live feeds would begin for those aiming to stream with a Paramount+ subscription or on Pluto TV, but a reputable source seemingly has the answers for when to expect the fun to start.

Rumor Suggests Feeds Will Start Soon After Big Brother Season 26 Premiere

Hamsterwatch has been involved with the Big Brother community for a long time, and while I wouldn't say they share rumors with the fans all that often, the ones that come up usually end up being accurate. With that said, hold fast to a grain of salt in reading what the X account shared about the Season 26 premiere:

Big Brother Houseguests moving in the day ahead of the premiere would likely mean it'd be anywhere from 12 to 72 hours before the live feeds would then be active. It's certainly possible the feeds will go live after the first night of the premiere, but that's not a guarantee.

Hopefully the absolute latest that we'd get live feeds would be by the end of Thursday. That's far from ideal, but definnitely better than waiting an entire week like fans had to before the shift to live move-in premieres.

How Pluto TV Just Made The Wait For Big Brother Season 26 Much Easier

Dan Gheesling on Big Brother.
Dan Gheesling on Big Brother.

I absolutely will be checking this out.

I'm even more in the dark than Hamsterwatch, but this rumor has reminded me that Julie Chen Moonves indicated the two-night Big Brother 26 premiere would also be live. If this is the case, then I could see a situation in which the feeds go live after the first night of the premiere until the feeds are cut to prep for the next live episode as usual. I could be wrong, but I don't think it's a far-fetched theory.

But such a wild theory would be to suggest that Paramount+ won't cut the live feeds at all, which Big Brother only tried out with its short-lived spinoff Big Brother OTT. I've been crossing my fingers for something similar to happen in the flagship show ever since, but every season just leaves me disappointed in that respect. Imagine, though: what if this season's big twist is that the feeds never stop all season? I'm almost certain that won't be the case, but a guy can dream.

Late Feeds Is Better Than No Feeds

To be quite honest, I'm happy that live feeds are still going strong, given all the conversations surrounding them in the Big Brother community. The recently canceled Big Brother Canada nixed live feeds entirely in what ultimately became its final season, opting instead to air daily edited recaps of the events of the house when traditional episodes weren't airing. Some feared the show would go the same route here in the States, especially given certain problematic moments over the years that landed the show in the news for the wrong reasons.

Fortunately, there have been zero indications that live feeds will be any different this year, and I'm relieved to hear they may be starting in a timely manner. The early weeks of the feeds are the most exciting, and often when the tightest bonds and most drama occurs. It would be a shame to miss all that now that we've had a taste for a few seasons now just how good it can be, so I do hope this rumor is accurate.

Tune in for the premiere of Big Brother Season 26 on CBS on Wednesday, July 17th at 9:00 p.m. ET and the following night at the same time. Tune in to learn all the other big details that will factor into this season, and as always, expect the unexpected!