'Big Brother' star Nikki Grahame left behind estate worth more than £300,000

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Nikki Grahame died in April. (Getty)
Nikki Grahame died in April. (Getty)

Late Big Brother housemate Nikki Grahame left behind an estate worth more than £300,000, it has emerged.

The reality TV star died in April at the age of 38 following a long battle with anorexia.

Newly-released documents have now revealed the details of the late star’s will.

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The documents show that Grahame’s mum Susan Grahame was made the executor of her will and gave a gross value of her estate as £327,237. The net value amount was listed as £322,706.

The star found fame on <em>Big Brother</em>. (Getty Images)
The star found fame on Big Brother. (Getty Images)

The star left £10,000 to a named individual.

The rest is to be split between certain members of Grahame’s family.

Grahame, who rose to fame on Big Brother in 2006, had suffered from anorexia for decades.

She wrote two books discussing her struggles - Dying To Be Thin and Fragile.

In March this year friends of the TV star set up a GoFundMe page in the hope of raising more than £50,000 to get her treatment to help her beat the condition.

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Grahame died on 9 April, and a statement on the page said: “It breaks our hearts to know that someone who is so precious was taken from us at such a young age.

"Nikki not only touched the lives of millions of people, but also her friends and family who will miss her immensely."

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