How Big Brother ‘Threw Off’ Cirie Fields And Made Her Usual Social Tactics Less Effective

 Cirie leaving the Big Brother house.
Cirie leaving the Big Brother house.

Cirie Fields was able to last 93 days in the Big Brother house, which is quite an achievement. It wasn't easy, though, and she admitted to Julie Chen Moonves upon exiting that the CBS series was tougher than Survivor. It was a bit shocking to hear, so CinemaBlend wanted to know in what ways playing Big Brother threw her off her game.

CinemaBlend has been watching Big Brother online with our Paramount+ subscription, and we had an opportunity to submit questions as part of a press pool for Cirie. I asked the latest evicted houseguest if playing Big Brother made some of the usual social tactics she used in shows like The Traitors and Survivor less effective. She confirmed this game was different in one key way and it threw her off. She said:

I think the sharing of information and people not being able to keep secrets [affected me]. Like, I’m used to alliances keeping the information within the alliance unless there’s infighting. In Big Brother there’s no need for–there doesn’t have to be infighting and people will still tell everything. Even your alliance members, which is crazy to me. I’m from the old school where loose lips sink ships. So for them to talk as much as they did, that kind of threw me off.

Cirie is used to playing a game straight out of the Survivor playbook, but it hinged on the assumption that allies wouldn't be blabbing about their plans to others. Contestants can, of course, try to stay quiet and keep to themselves, but viewers know all too well that can only make them appear more suspicious. The former Survivor contestant wasn't prepared for the amount of information and how it traveled around the house, even from her closest allies.

To Cirie's credit, she handled much of that gracefully. Her son Jared Fields could've damaged their game early on by telling his showmance partner, Blue Kim, about their connection. Thankfully, Blue kept loyal to Jared, and she didn't reveal the secret, which I'm not surprised by now, considering she won't explain the true meaning of "Kitty kitty purr, boots down."

Despite that and slowly losing all of her closest allies as the game went on, Cirie still managed to claw her way to the Final Five. Unfortunately, Matt Klotz's Week 13 Head of Household was her undoing, as he had a stronger alliance with Jag Bains and Bowie Jane. He also had little power to influence Cirie lasting another week after Jag captured a clutch Week 13 record-tying veto, so it was off to the jury house for the Survivor legend.

Still, who would've thought one of the most known reality show players of all time would last so long in Big Brother? I thought she'd be evicted within the first couple of weeks, so it's a wonder she made it so far. It's a shame it might be the only time fans see it happen, though, as Cirie didn't give the vibe she's looking to try again on eviction night.

Cirie may be in the jury house, but she’ll still play a big part in deciding the winner of Big Brother Season 25. Tune into the final week of the game on the 2023 TV schedule, as we all contemplate who deserves to win and who could make a compelling case in the late stages and win it all.