Big Cats viewers in awe of ‘adorable’ cat that disguises itself as a rock to hunt

Safeeyah Kazi
In awe: Viewers were left in fascination of the cats: PIXABAY

Big Cats viewers were left in awe of an “adorable” cat that disguises itself as a rock in order to hunt its prey.

The BBC documentary showcases a variety of ‘big cats’ and the strategies they use to disguise themselves.

It was, however, a group of Pallas’s cats that stole the hearts of viewers across the nation with their clever tactics.

Also called the Otocolobus Manul, the Pallas’s cat is a small wild cat, which can be found in Central Asia.

Despite the Greek translation of the cat’s name meaning “ugly-eared” viewers were quick to praise the “underrated” cat on social media.

One viewer said: “It turns out that I’ve never related to an animal more than I have with the Pallas Cat.”

Another posted: “I want one #pallascat.”

Meanwhile, one viewer was impressed by how “grumpy” the cats appeared to be.

He said: “it's so grumpy looking. I love it”

Twitter users were left in admiration of the “breath-taking” footage, one user said:

“Massive shoutout to the #BigCats team of @BBCOne show! What an incredible privilege to get a glimpse of these cats’ life! So exciting that had me on the verge of tears the whole show! #jaguar and #Pallascat footage is just breathtaking!!”

Additionally another cat lover said: “They are super adorable and usually quite happy looking! Need to pair a sand cat suit up with a nice grumpy Pallas cat!”

Other users added: “#BigCats stunning and the pallas cat. Adorable.”

“Officially obsessed with the Pallas cat! What a derpy, adorable, monkey-faced, snaggletoothed fluffball!”