The Big Ladder Photographer: Pictures of the Year 2021

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 (Chris Gorman/Big Ladder)
(Chris Gorman/Big Ladder)

Drone photography, the creative branch of aerial technology, is “the future”, according to the face behind The Big Ladder Photographer Chris Gorman.

Gorman, who gained his drone qualification only four years ago, took images as part of his Britain from Above series that provide a bird’s-eye perspective to existing photo tropes.

Widely recognisable images, such as the New Year laser display in central London and women sunbathing on Brighton beach, have been taken by the creative drone photographer but in a new light.

Used at a maximum height of 400ft, drones offer a tool for photographers through DJI drone technology which creates a “brand new genre”, Gorman said.

He added: “A drone fills in the gap between the ground and where a helicopter can go. It’s not all about height but about sending a camera where I can’t go — the biggest place being water.

 (Chris Gorman/Big Ladder)
(Chris Gorman/Big Ladder)

“Drones are the future. Your images can stand out more because they’re different views that people haven’t seen before.

“I was always aware that some genres needed something new and I felt the drone could make it a little more creative. Now you’ve still got images of girls on the beach but in a slightly more interesting way.”

Extreme weather is also a popular subject for Gorman, who shoots heavy snowfall and floods across England — including popular English sights like the Stonehenge and Leeds Castle in Kent.

High winds and heavy rain, however, impede the safe use of drones, creating obstacles on shoot days.

Filming and photographing central London spots, like Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, require more planning and permits following increased safety concerns after the reported drone disruption at Gatwick airport in 2019.

Chris Gorman’s photography is available on his website

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