The Big Reveal - Ileesha De Silva Newsteadwood

The Big Reveal - Ileesha De Silva Newsteadwood <i>(Image: Gabriella Boyd - KUMQUAT)</i>
The Big Reveal - Ileesha De Silva Newsteadwood (Image: Gabriella Boyd - KUMQUAT)

On the 19th of November 2022. In the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells. The Big Reveal was a free event, no tickets were needed, open to everyone and anyone. A fun evening for the families which include carol singing, mulled wine, local food stalls and even a special visit from Santa! The Christmas window Reveal was run by the Zero waste company in the Pantiles. There was a broadcast of the Pantile traders Christmas windows with the opportunity for community to vote for the favourite!

Kumquat, joined for the first time this year putting up a hulk-themed Christmas window display and even got all the staff to dress up as marvel characters. They decided to produce a stall which sold over 300 hotdogs, over 120 roasted marshmallows on a stick: over 15 litres of hot chocolate and mulled wine, making a total of over £1000!

Massive credit to Gabriella Boyd and her colleague for helping. Gabriela Boyd exclaimed “The best part of this event was collecting money and giving the food to satisfied customers.” However, she also says “the most stressful part was having a massive backlog of hotdogs and not having sausages Infront of me.”

During the unveiling of the window a group of leaders gave the customers a tour of the shops in a Santa costumes, then they rang a bell when it was time to remove the wrapping paper from the window. That evening there were live shows performed by a paid-live performer. Gabriella, her brother, and friends had a violin concert for locals to enjoy.

On the 24th of November, the results were announced, Kumquat had over 870 votes -making them the grand winner- giving extra points to Virginia and the team for dressing up as their favourite marvel superheroes on the night as well. The event was such a memorable occasion and will be hosted again year!