'Big shoes to fill': People at the proclamation share their thoughts on King Charles III

As hundreds witnessed the proclamation of King Charles III in Glasgow, we spoke to members of the crowd to find out what they thought about the new monarch.
As hundreds witnessed the proclamation of King Charles III in Glasgow, we spoke to members of the crowd to find out what they thought about the new monarch.

As hundreds gathered to witness the proclamation of King Charles III in George Square, we spoke to members of the crowd to find out what they thought about the new monarch.

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One audience member from the East End, Neil Reid, shared his sadness at the Queen’s passing but was optimistic about the new King and admired what he described as King Charles’s passion for the people.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

The 52-year-old said: “I think he’s got really big boots to fill.

“All my life I’ve known the queen. At seven years old I seen her come down High Street in Glasgow, and I just love her, I love the bones of her, you know.

“He’s got really big shoes, as I said, to fill.

“I think he’s going to be his own man because let’s face it, nobody can replace her.”

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Another member of the audience from Wishaw, Angela McGuire, was watching the proclamation proudly as her son took part in the ceremony.

The 52 year old told The Glasgow Times: “I think he’ll be more traditional rather than more modern.

“He’s used to the traditional stuff, whereas if it was William, it would be more modern, I think.

“He’ll be good for the people right enough. I don’t think he’ll change though.

“I think he’ll be his same self.”

She added: “King Charles the third, that sounds a bit mad.”

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Beverly Paul, 51, and Rebecca Paul, 26, both from Cumbernauld, were watching the proclamation in Glasgow and plan to travel to Edinburgh tomorrow to pay their respects to The Queen’s coffin.

They shared their sympathies for The King’s grief and their thoughts on his reign.

Beverly said: “I think he’ll do a great job.

“He’s obviously been brought up to be the king, to be the future monarch, and he’s waited a long time for it.

“So, I think he deserves it, but I think it’s a bit of a shame that he’s having to do all the official things when his mum has passed away, it’s very sad.”

“I would like him to carry on his mum’s morals and standards and help the country as best he can to get out of this recession.”

Rebecca added: “I think it’s great that generations are getting to see a king, because The Queen obviously had a fantastic reign of 70 years, so it’s fantastic that we’re getting to see both a king and a queen in our generation.

“I would like him to continue The Queen’s reign because she’s done a fantastic job for 70 years, and hopefully he’ll have a long reign and do the exact same and keep the traditions going that his mum had because they were fantastic traditions.

“And it will be great for generations that only know the King for them to be able to see that he’s carried on what his mum has done.”

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Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Nora de Visscher, 26, and Nick Heylen, 26, traveled to London as soon as they heard of The Queen’s passing and came to Glasgow to watch the proclamation of the new King.

Nora told The Glasgow Times that she had recently lost her grandmother and that the passing of The Queen was like the symbolic passing of another grandmother figure.

She said: “I’m a really big fan of The Queen so when we heard I cried a lot. Every time I see the flowers I still get teary-eyed.

“The new King, it’s weird hearing Long Live the King. We just saw the proclamation and we stood there amongst everybody singing God Save the King and it was really moving.

“I’m sad that we don’t have that in Belgium. We also have a King, and I’m also a big fan of him.”

Nick added: “People don’t care as much about the royal family in Belgium as they do here.”

Nora said: “I’m curious how everybody will react to the King because everybody was hesitant, but I think if we look back at what he’s done, he’s still very progressive for being his age.”