'Big ugly burger' challenge is back at pub near Herefordshire

Big ugly burger at Farmers' Boy Inn <i>(Image: Farmers' Boy Inn)</i>
Big ugly burger at Farmers' Boy Inn (Image: Farmers' Boy Inn)

A POPULAR "big ugly burger" challenge has returned to a pub near Herefordshire as people gear up to try and wolf down the huge meals.

The whopping beef burgers are served with chips, salad and onion rings at the Farmer's Boy Inn in Longhope, with hungry hopefuls paying £30 to give it a go. If they can manage the whole thing, they get £20 back and the satisfaction of being one of the few customers to make the accomplishment.


The burgers are the equivalent of eight quarter-pounders and are all homemade.

The Farmers' Boy serves up the monster meals every last Thursday of the month, with the next instalment of the eating contest taking place on November 30, 2023.

To book an attempt at the "big ugly burger", you can contact the inn on 01452 470015.