Big Zuu 'focused on Ross Kemp' during BAFTAs speech

Big Zuu won two BAFTAs earlier this year credit:Bang Showbiz
Big Zuu won two BAFTAs earlier this year credit:Bang Showbiz

Big Zuu "focused on Ross Kemp's head" during his BAFTAs acceptance speech.

The 27-year-old TV personality won two BAFTAs earlier this year for 'Big Zuu's Big Eats', and he's now revealed how Ross, 58, helped him to get through his first speech of the night.

Zuu - who won the Entertainment Performance and Features gongs - said on 'The Jonathan Ross Show': "I definitely didn't expect to win.

"When I won the first BAFTA, you get on stage and there is an autocue and a camera. I wasn't reading the autocue because I was freestyling the speech. I didn't want to look at the camera so I had to find a focal point to direct my speech and I saw a shiny head - it was Ross Kemp.

"I was looking at Ross Kemp and I was thinking about that while I was saying this speech. I focused on Ross Kemp's head and said the speech of my life and then yeah two BAFTAs. Big up Ross Kemp!"

During his speech, Zuu reflected on the importance of "representation" on TV.

The rapper - whose mother is from Sierra Leone and whose dad is from Lebanon - told the audience: "Representation is so important.

"Growing up, there weren't many chefs or people that looked like me on telly. And now, there's young people watching us doing our ting, going, 'You know what, if these wastemen can win a BAFTA, surely we can.'"

The London-born later admitted to being shocked by his success in the Entertainment Performance category.

He joked: "I kind of let it all out in the first speech!"

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