Big Zuu helps Uber Eats provide iftar meals to delivery drivers during Ramadan

As members of the Muslim community continue to fast during the final days of Ramadan, Uber Eats is today launching ‘Sundown Spots’ - a series of pop-up restaurants offering free iftar meals after sundown - to support the hardworking delivery drivers and couriers working throughout Ramadan and keeping the nation fed. The ‘Sundown Spots’ series comes in response to new research commissioned by the food delivery service to better understand the experience of UK Muslims who are participating in Ramadan. The findings revealed that 93% of those surveyed think that there should be more initiatives in place by brands and companies in the UK to raise awareness of Ramadan. Running from 25th - 27th April, the ‘Sundown Spots’ will offer Uber Eats’ community of couriers and drivers an iftar dine-in experience, as well as a complimentary takeaway service for the wider community of delivery drivers that are observing Ramadan - regardless of which food delivery service they deliver with. The first ‘Sundown Spot’ opens its doors on Monday 25th April at the food delivery services Halal partner restaurant Ayam Zaman in Shepherd’s Bush, London, and will be followed by takeovers at MyLahore restaurants in Manchester and Birmingham. BAFTA-nominated Muslim TV chef, Zuhair Hassan, known to many as Big Zuu, has also lent his support to the initiative, developing a signature dish, ‘Big Zuu’s Big Grill’ with the resident chefs at Ayam Zaman and will be on hand at the launch night too, serving meals and greeting diners. Contributors: Big Zuu - Rapper and TV Chef

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