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Nokia N-Gage

Back in 2003, Nokia thought it would be a good idea to take on the gaming companies with its own handheld console, combined with a mobile phone. The comically awkward design meant that anyone making a call looked like they were holding a taco to their ear. (Wikipedia/Evan-Amos)

Biggest Gadget Flops In History

Not every new gadget can be the next iPhone as this rogue’s gallery of failures proves. From casualties of the format wars, to preposterous designs that seemed like a good idea at the time (Sinclair C5, we’re looking at you), this lineup of tech turkeys shows what happens when it all goes wrong. There might be a few nostalgic favourites in there, but all of the these gadgets have since gone to the great junkyard in the sky. Here’s our pick of the biggest gadgets flops of all time…