Biggie Smalls thought Lil' Kim was his 'soulmate,' according 'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry visited the home of rapper Lil’ Kim. And upon holding a jacket that she provided, he was able to connect her to her notorious ex-boyfriend, Christopher Wallace.

Wallace was a rap star who performed under the name the Notorious B.I.G., though most people called him Biggie Smalls. Biggie dated Lil’ Kim before marrying rapper Faith Evans.

Despite the fact that Biggie married to someone else at the time of his death, Henry told Lil’ Kim, “He comes across in that way of truly viewing you as his soulmate.”

Henry not only said Lil’ Kim was Biggie’s soulmate; he also said, “He’s acknowledging a very distinct apology, and it’s not coming across in a negative way. And he’s referring to the fact that he wants you to know he’s bringing up loyalty and he’s bringing up commitment. And he’s acknowledging an apology, in some cases, because he feels like you deserve more than you got.”

Lil’ Kim was touched by the kind words, saying, “When he said that I was his soulmate, that. … Woah! I wanted to cry, but I didn’t want to mess up my makeup.”

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