Two arrests after bikes stolen from NHS staff caring for coronavirus patients

George Martin
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A broken bike lock where one of the bicycles was stolen from outside the hospital. (David Hicks)
A broken bike lock where Karen Grace's bicycle was stolen from outside the hospital. (David Hicks)

Two men have been charged with stealing bikes belonging to staff who were looking after coronavirus patients at a hospital in Nottingham.

Nottinghamshire Police said several bikes were taken from the compound at the Queen's Medical Centre in the city earlier this week.

David Moran, 35, and Craig Lancaster, 29, have since been charged with five counts of burglary, BBC News reports.

Mr Moran, of Courtfleet Way in Nottingham, and Mr Lancaster, of Camrose Close in Nottingham, are both in custody and are due to appear at Nottingham Magistrates' Court on Monday.

Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham   (Photo by Emma Coles - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)
Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham where a number of bike thefts took place (PA)

One bike stolen from the hospital this week belonged to a woman, Karen Grace, who had reportedly been caring for three patients "on their deathbed".

Her husband David Hicks tweeted a picture of her broken bike lock, saying: “While my amazing partner, Karen Grace, was caring for three coronavirus patients on their deathbed last night, some scumbag(s) stole her bicycle from the staff bike store along with several other NHS staff.

“Pretty disappointing,” Mr Hicks added.

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Mr Hicks later said he had been inundated with offers from the general public who wanted to lend their bikes to Karen.

The incident drew the attention of local MP Lilian Greenwood, who tweeted prior to the arrests describing the thefts as “despicable”.

“Despicable that thieves would deliberately target @nottmhospitals and the bikes of essential NHS staff. And great to see the kind offers of alternative bikes for Karen.” Ms Greenwood said.

Another NHS worker Dan Harvey said he found his bike had been stolen after a nine-hour night shift on an intensive care unit at the hospital.

Mr Harvey told the BBC: "There were many bikes stolen from the compound at the same time.

He said: "I use the bike as a mechanism to clear my head, have a pedal and try to get a bit of perspective.

"I often can't sleep immediately after I've been at work anyway - you need some time to unwind from the tension.

"I think it's fair to say this didn't really help unwind - it rather added to it."