Bill Gates watches Chris Rock joke about him in stand-up special

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Bill Gates has been caught on video watching a Chris Rock routine where he makes fun of the billionaire.

In the clip, which was posted to TikTok, Gates can be seen watching Rock’s Tambourine special for Netflix.

Whilst Gates can be seen smiling, Rock says: “Do you think kids were nice to Bill Gates in high school?”

The comedian then goes on to joke about some hypothetical insults a teenage Bill Gates could have received: “Hey Gates, you Charlie Brown-looking motherf****r. Fuck you Gates, you four-eyed b***h. F**k you and your Windows, you gap-tooth motherf****r. I’m going to smack the s**t out of you f**king Gate, Gates motherf****r, you can’t get in the gate, Gates.”

The video, which has over 1.7 million views, was posted by Zion Scott, who claims to be a friend of Gates’.


In a later video posted by Scott, he said he was a good friend of the Microsoft founder’s daughter, Phoebe.

He said: “So me, Phoebe, two other friends and Bill were just watching that comedy special at their cabin and that part came on and we were all laughing super hard so we rewound it and I started filming it. That’s what happened. Not that confusing.”

In Scott’s TikTok bio, he says he is based in Seattle, which is where the Gates family reside.

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