Bill Hader Can’t Hold It Together in Interview With Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick | Video

Martin Short’s old buddy Jiminy Glick popped up once more during Short’s first night of guest hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” stepping in to interview Bill Hader. And no, Hader couldn’t keep a straight face.

To wrap up his Monday night monologue, Short explained that he has a dermatologist appointment later this week that he just can’t move, so he asked Glick to step in and handle hosting duties on Thursday night. To prepare, Short noted that Glick’s been “doing some warm-up interviews to get ready.” First on that list was “Barry” star and fellow “SNL” alum Bill Hader.

And no, Hader couldn’t stop himself from laughing. He didn’t even make it to the first question from Glick before cracking up.

“I’m Jiminy Glick. And as part of my guest hosting duties on ‘Kimmel,’ I’m obligated to interview who they’ve pre-booked,” Glick explained. “So, I was hoping for an A-lister, but I’m thrilled to have you Bill — Hader. You are a pre-book, but you are a wonderful spirit.”

Throughout the interview, Glick got Hader to break by poking fun at Hader’s name and career, joking that he came to the interview straight “from Diddy’s poolhouse” and more.

But there was one joke that made Hader laugh the hardest, and it had to do with their old boss, Lorne Michaels. When Glick asked what Michaels smells like, Hader answered “Mints, breath mints,” which seemed to surprise Glick.

“Yeah, I would think it would be like a combination of of chicken piccata and silver dollars,” Glick shot back.

At that, Hader keeled over in laughter, taking off his glasses and hiding his eyes.

You can watch Glick’s full interview with Bill Hader in the video above.

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