A billboard made of burgers is now in Shoreditch

Luke Abrahams
Tasty meat: he billboard lands in Shoreditch: PA

Us Londoners do love a bit of prime beef, which is why we had to tell you that Deliveroo has brought the world's first billboard literally made of burgers to Shoreditch.

The food delivery giant announced the tasty news last month and revealed that the structure will take over east London's Truman Brewery today, March 13.

Standing four mighty metres tall, the giant billboard has been put together using thousands of tasty burgers, which – get this – are totally free for us all to eat.

Though it sounds bizarre, we were assured that the board "will be assembled using thousands of tasty burgers". That's row upon row, line upon line, grid upon grid and six glorious metres worth of free, juicy, dripping, succulent, tender meat for you and bae to swallow. Sounds absolutely incredible. A little polluted, but wonderful.

Details on where the burgers are coming from and how they are being stored remain sketchy, but you should expect appearances from the likes of Deliveroo favourites Patty & Bun and Five Guys.

If you fancy going along for a bite, make sure you're in the area between noon and 7pm and be prepared to fight off your rivals for a bite to eat. It's really that simple.

Bon appetite.