Billie Launches Into a New Bodycare Era

Billie, your armpits BFF, is officially moving into the bodycare lane, marking the brand's biggest category expansion yet with 15 new products, including body lotion, body wash and an AHA deodorant to its line-up.

Each collection contains variations of the product as a means to offer different scents and skin care properties like hydrating, soothing, glow and detox.

These new offerings are aimed at treating the skin rather than changing its appearance. "The women’s personal care industry has too often relied on making women feel insecure about their natural bodies and then conveniently offering products to 'correct' or 'fix' these so-called flaws," said Billie Co-Founder Georgina Gooley in a press release.

To further its mission to "challenge the industry's history of creating products to fight, fix, or change your body while perpetuating women's insecurities," the brand took to Instagram to share a campaign film starring Jameela Jamil inspired by the 90’s film 10 Things I Hate About You. The post was captioned, "For way too long, the products meant to support our bodies have told us: fight this, hide that, shrink there... but your body doesn’t need to be corrected. Actually, it's the expert!"


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The new collection ranges from $8 USD to $13 USD and will be available on the brand's website. For more Billie content, check out our coverage of the brand's "Rule of Body Hair" campaign.