Billingham man burgled home of recently bereaved parents disturbing precious memories

Burglar Nathan Wiles was jailed at Teesside Crown Court
-Credit: (Image: Cleveland Police)

A burglar raided the home of recently bereaved parents disturbing precious memories, a court heard.

Nathan Wiles, of Billingham, was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison after he was apprehended at the scene of an ongoing burglary. The 27-year-old appeared at court and pleaded guilty to four burglaries before he was sentenced.

Cleveland Police confirmed Wiles had burgled the home of some parents who had suffered a bereavement.

Temporary Detective Sergeant Ryan Thompson said: “Burglary is always an extremely invasive crime, but this was particularly upsetting due to the circumstances of one of the victims. I am pleased that Wiles has now been sent to prison and will not pose a threat to the public whilst he is in there.”