Billions star Condola Rashad promises big season 6 twists

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Photo credit: Showtime
Photo credit: Showtime

Billions spoilers follow.

Billions just wrapped up its fifth season this past weekend, following a pandemic-related gap of over a year.

The wait may not have been great for fans, but it does mean that the wait for season 6 is shorter than usual, hitting our screens in January.

Of course, one thing that will be different will be that Damian Lewis's Bobby Axelrod won't be on the show any more, after the actor decided not to renew his contract.

Photo credit: Showtime
Photo credit: Showtime

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There's still plenty of reasons to keep watching though, as cast member Condola Rashad teased that there will be twists and turns to come.

Speaking to TVLine, the Kate Sacker actress said: "We had to do something big because we lost so much momentum while on break during the pandemic. What was supposed to be a two-week hiatus lasted a year and a half, and viewers were growing bored. We had to do something no-one was expecting.

"There are rooms and situations that characters end up in that no viewer will expect to see that character in. It's all really exciting, and there's a lot of action, just like in the finale."

Specifically, there's going to be a lot of focus on Kate's relationship with Chuck, with Rashad hinting that the longer they work together "the more slippery things will get".

Photo credit: Showtime
Photo credit: Showtime

"(Kate) will make moves that look legitimate on paper, but it’s actually not," she revealed. "Kate finds a way to get shady things done. She's very smart like that. Kate learned that from Chuck, and that's why they have that connection. It's like a mentorship, or an uncle-and-niece vibe... but she still might throw him under the bus, and he might do the same to her."

Billions airs on Showtime in the US, while UK viewers can watch it on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

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