Billy Connolly and Me: ITV celebrate 50 years of the legendary Scottish comedian

Ben Travis

One of the most shocking moments in this year’s Comic Relief came from seeing a recorded clip Billy Connolly.

The legendary Scottish comedian has been dealt a double blow of Parkinson’s disease and cancer, and has changed dramatically in recent years.

But while it’s hard not to feel upset about what Connolly is going through, ITV have a perfect antidote.

Billy Connolly & Me is, as the channel has put it, ‘a celebration’ of the man and his wicked wisecracking words, which have given him a career spanning five decades.

(Indigo Television)

The one-off special intersperses clips of The Big Yin’s stand-up with interview snippets from the man himself, reflecting on his years in showbiz.

As the title suggests, there are also contributions from fans – including some rather famous ones – sharing their favourite memories of the funnyman.

“I gave birth to Billy Connolly,” Emma from Herefordshire says, rather confusingly, before clarifying: “My first labour, I had every pain relief known to man. The second time round, I started by watching some Billy videos, and I laughed my second child into the world.”

There are also anecdotes from the likes of Judi Dench, Eric Idle, David Tennant and more, talking about how Connolly entered their lives.

Andy Murray says: “We used to listen to Billy Connolly CDs when I was a kid, normally while I was travelling to tennis tournaments up and down the country with my brother and my mum.”

Billy Connolly & Me offers a perfect reminder of the Scot’s funniest moments – and why he means so much to us all.

ITV, 9pm