Bin Laden hideout demolished by authorities

The Abbottabad  compound where Osama bin Laden spent the last days of his life has been demolished by Pakistan authorities, nine months after the al-Qaeda leader was killed in a US Navy operation.

The fortified building, said to be the home of bin Laden since 2005, was razed to the ground by heavy machinery. The Pakistani government will hope it brings down a curtain on a hugely damaging episode for the country after bin Laden was found just a mile from the Pakistani Military Academy in May.

The al-Qaeda leader was killed by US Navy Seals in a midnight operation, shot twice in the head. Bin Laden’s body was then disposed at sea to prevent a fixed shrine for his followers.

The high walls of the compound aroused the suspicions of US military intelligence, as did the lack of phone or internet connection.

No official reason for the demolition was given.

The destruction of the structure comes a month after a rocket-propelled grenade attack on the Pakistan Military Academy in Abbottabad- close to the bin Laden compound.

Footage of the demolition in process

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