Mum learns new Asda fact after binman knocks her bin back

Ann Sharkey, 75, was 'astonished' when she found out about one recycling rule with certain Asda products
-Credit: (Image: Ann Sharkey)

A mum and daughter have been left "frustrated" by a little know recycling rule that stopped the daughter's bins being emptied.

Ann Sharkey has revealed that her daughter, Katherine, had her bin collection refused after binmen noticed she had plastic packaging from vegetables such as lettuce, carrots and celery at the top of the wheelie bin. When her daughter asked why, she was told the packaging had to be recycled in store.

Much to her surprise, Ann, 75, quickly went to look at the packaging of the vegetables she had and found that the label said: "Recycle with bags at large supermarket. Do not recycle at home."

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Ann, who lives in Hunts Cross and whose daughter lives with her boyfriend and son in Warrington, told the ECHO: "The binmen told her she needed to take the packaging back to the supermarket and wouldn't empty the bin. I wasn't aware that you couldn't put the packaging in the recycling bin so when I went to do my big shop on Thursday I went to customer services and they didn't know anything about it either.

When Ann looked at the packaging, she found that it needed to go back to Asda
When Ann looked at the packaging, she found that it needed to go back to Asda -Credit:Ann Sharkey

"I'd bought fresh produce so I showed them the packaging and it said it needed to be recycled in store. I asked if they have somewhere I can recycle the packaging and they said they didn't even though there are all sorts of bins there for other recycling and clothes. When I spoke to the manager even he didn't know, he told me to put all the packaging in a black bag and bring it to the store."

Ann continued: "I'm astonished. What are we supposed to do if we can't recycle it at home? They should be doing their bit to help the environment."

Asda's website states stores have "customer recycling bins for all types of plastic bags and film packaging – all of which we send for recycling" and claims 85.9% of Asda brand packaging is recyclable in customer homes via kerbside collections, up from 83.9% in 2019.

The website said: "Where packaging can’t be reduced or reused, we aim for the highest possible level of recyclability. 85% of Asda brand packaging is recyclable in customer homes via kerbside collections (2019: 83.9%). An additional 4.5% are recyclable in our stores.

"By setting a target to reach at least 30% recycled content in Asda Brand packaging we’re helping to stimulate the market for recycled materials and enabling investment in new recycling infrastructure and technologies. In 2020, we estimate there was 28.5% recycled content in our own-brand primary plastic packaging (2019: 24.8%) meaning we are on track for at least 30% by 2025."

Asda was approached for comment.

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