Binmen demand £3k pay rise and threaten with strike action if COSLA 'doesn't listen'

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Binmen demand £3k pay rise and threaten with strike action if COSLA 'doesn't listen'
Binmen demand £3k pay rise and threaten with strike action if COSLA 'doesn't listen'

BINMEN in Glasgow have kickstarted a fresh campaign for a pay rise in 2022, demanding an additional £3000 per year.

The GMB - a union that represents the cleansing workforce - has officially notified COSLA of their request, which they say would avert workplace poverty.

The union has given the umbrella body until February to respond to their claim, warning that if it "does not listen", workers will be balloted to take industrial action.

Glasgow Times: Chris Mitchell
Glasgow Times: Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell, convenor for the GMB, said: "Last year we made a stance against a pay rise that was nothing more than an insult to low-paid local government workers.

"Once again we find ourselves in this position as we make a claim for this year's pay rise. But the difference is staffing levels across local authorities in Scotland are at breaking point.

"We have a cost of living crisis. A fuel bill crisis where it is a choice of heating or eating for many.

"Inflation levels that are through the roof and workplace poverty will only get worse.

"If COSLA and the Scottish Government have any respect and dignity they claim to have, then it should be reflected with a pay rise that is worthy for our cleansing workforce.

"GMB along with other trade unions have asked for a flat rate of £3000 across the board. This would help with the rise in the cost of living and help with the fuel bill crisis that will have drastic consequences on low-paid workers.

"The last thing we want to do is take action right across Scotland but unfortunately, if they do not listen, then we will be ready to go into battle again to fight for what we should be entitled to."

The union's demands come after strikes during COP26 were ditched after a last-minute pay rise offer last year.

Glasgow Times: Binmen strikes during COP26
Glasgow Times: Binmen strikes during COP26

Binmen strikes during COP26

The association - responsible for all local authorities in Scotland - offered a one-year 5.89% deal for the lowest-paid council employees as part of a £1062 rise for those earning below £25,000.

COSLA said that it will work with trade union chiefs to find an agreement after analysing the local budget.

A spokesperson said: “We acknowledge receipt of the pay claim from our SJC Trade Unions for 2022/23.

"We will work through the process with our trade union colleagues in the usual manner, recognising the significant constraints presented by the Local Government Finance settlement for 2022/23 from Scottish Government.”

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